Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cass Sunstein Revealed as a Radical Nutjob Communist

Cass Sunstein was revealed as being a grade A, #1 kook, far leftist, radical, communist nutjob on Fox. The man wants trees and chickens to be able to sue a person. What a lunatic moron. Gee, look at one more nutjob who surrounds Obama.

 Fox News Reveals Cass Sunstein as a Radical

Glenn Beck on Cass Sunstein


Bungalow Bill said...

To sue, they have to file a complaint. How do you think that will happen?

Teresa said...

I have been wondering that myself. Maybe they'll start a PETA like government agency with lawyers who represent the trees and animals? You know how the government likes to waste taxpayer with nonsense.

United Conservatives of America said...

Wow, great video and post, thank you for sharing.

Boy, I am sure glad I decided not to cut down that pine tree last week and put those leg quarters in the oven for dinner last night.

'My butt bleeds burple boo boo for libturds of the lunatic leftis demoncrap nutjob farty'.

United Conservatives of America said...

By the way, the whole point of my totally made no sense babbling was deliberate (re: burple booboo).

Teresa said...

United Conservatives,
Ya know we should be saving the earth and animals while humans go to pot. Why not let the animals rule the earth? What a bunch of "green" PETA lunatics. Your comments really make me laugh LMAO.

United Conservatives of America said...

Well, thank you Teresa for your vote of confidence, I do try my very best to be as facetiously funny as I possibly can.

You really want to read my funny stuff at it best? Read my last blog entry. It is a hoot!!!!

I see that I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

But, on the serious side of things, I totally agree with you. The government (I just cannot bring myself to seriously call them 'our governemnt) is getting out of control, and we need to do something quick before it get's worse.

Ron Russell said...

Trees and chickens have a right to sue. That doesn't seem quite fair--I never met a tree I didn't like and for a matter of fact a chicken I didn't like fried. You got it Teresa the guy is a real nut case, but I don't see the guys in the white coats coming. Guess they are all having lunch at the White House

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Well it just goes to prove that we are now living in one great big insane asylum and the real nut jobs are in charge.

Teresa said...

All the nutcases are having an especially soy made dinner. YUCK!! The nuts having taken over the country. We must take the country back.

Teresa said...

Most Rev. Gregori,
You got that right!! The nutjobs need to be neutralized. Then, we'll be living in some sense of normalcy.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Is there ever going to be any good news from Washington ? I'm really getting tired of this crap! Aren't there any JFK type Democrats out there anymore? You remember the ones, they thought about country first and used a little common sense.

Rhod said...

I wonder if they'll have a jury of their peers. Even civil trials have juries. Rover gets jury duty; I don't. This has possibilities.

Most Rev has it right. Strange days indeed.

Teresa said...

I am getting sick of this crap also. Ya know, some good news would be real nice about now.

Teresa said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We are living in an upside down world filled with craziness.

Ron Russell said...

I use to pick up nuts while hunting for the elusive squirrel---seemed they could always be found amoung the wild pecan and hickory nut trees. The Nuts were tasty as were the little furry critters who feed on them. I did notice one thing over the years when hunting around the mighty oaks I tried the fruit of that tree and the taste--well not so good. And the squirrels who lived on those branches not so tasty. So the acorn while an attractive looking nut when opened and examined is quite awful much like the ACORN of Obama!

United Conservatives of America said...


Now THAT was a good analogy. I enjoyed that (your comment, not the acorn).


I agree, totally. It is time for us (conservatives) to unite and fight.

I've got my brass knuckles on, you guys ready?

By the way, Teresa, the 'comment moderation' is working beautifully...thank you again.