Monday, October 26, 2009

Laura Ingraham Slams Charlie Gibson & Fox's Ratings Soar

Laura Ingraham on ABC's "This Week" slammed Charlie Gibson over his incompetence, or willful ignorance in knowing absolutely nothing about the ACORN scandal.  On the Roundtable they discussed the White House's war on Fox News.  I absolutely love how Fox's ratings are soaring like an eagle above all the buzzards attempting to be news networks.  Z of The Baltimore Sun described CNN & MSNBC as not being in the same galaxy as Fox News, and I agree with that analysis.

Here is a video of this week's Roundtable and a link to ratings showing that Fox News is blowing the rest of the news networks out of the water. These other networks are not even close to catching up to Fox's tail. MSNBC & CNN are like turtles going in slow motion who haven't got a damn clue about legitimate reporting.

Link to ratings charts


Chicago Ray said...

Couldn't agree with you more and can you imagine how bad it would be IF Fox wasn't around for the past decade??

I get sick thinking about it, look where we're at now with the internet and Fox. The country's name would be renamed Sodom and Gommorah West and Slick would be on his 5th term by now....

Andrew33 said...

I've been wondering where Laura has been. While I have certain TV shows I watch on Friday nights, I always liked it when she filled in of Oreilly every Friday. When it comes to ideology, she is a little more "republican" than I, I do like her boldness and her honesty when it coms to her stands on issues. Good for her for having the guts to go over there and tell them off and good for you for posting this.

Chicago Ray, had Fox not been there, some news outlet would have filled the void that Fox news has filled and someone would have gotten rich. When there is a void in the marketplace somebody will fill it. It is just a matter of time.

Andrew33 said...

Laura is absolutely right on how idiotic the white house looks when they attack Fox News day and night while good men are dying in Iraq and Afganistan, good people are losing their jobs and The pResident spends 2 hours talking with Olberwoman and Mathews, along with others on the communist press, and yet all our leader on the ground in Afganistan gets is a few minutes on an airplane ride on airforce one? Not that I think there is much they could say to each other. Somehow I don't think Gen. McChrystal could figure out a way to use "Sesame street" characters to explain to Obama how wars are fought, do you? So the question I raise is, what is the point in Obama meeting with Military leaders at all.

Eman said...

Fox News is what news should be. It is the network where investigative journalism, whereas in mainstream media, it has died. We see the crowd embellishing administration talking points and saying, “Oh my he’s just so wonderful and so handsome and such a deep thinker…” and Fox is saying “Look, the emperor has no cloths!!” So we’d expect the crowd to hate Fox fearing the emperors’ backlash. With his Chicago style politics, it’s no wonder they stay on his side.

There are times we must let liberals be liberal, allowing their intent to be revealed, and once exposed, watch them as they back away from their own words.

We have all seen the story this week how slim profits are for health insurance providers: Most making 2% and the best making 5% profits a year. Pelosi has called these profits “obscene”. But the public option will soon make health insurance obsolete and the government having a monopoly on 1/6th of the nations economy. You combine this with GM’s government takeover and AIG’s takeover and huge bank takeovers and now they want to regulate the internet and suddenly, you have socialism. If Fox were not saying this is true, who would? We all need to prepare for the consequences of this last election and help Fox and others shine the light of truth and stand up for liberty, freedom, and accountability.

LL said...

You hit the nail on the head again, Teresa.

MSNBC and the rest of the state-run media can't fathom why Fox's ratings are soaring while their tepid ratings remain -- tepid.

The state-run media/mainstream media/legacy media have outlived their usefulness. They allowed themselves to be co-opted by the radical left to the point that they no longer report much valid news.

So when people want to know what's going on, they tune in to Fox.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Except for George Will and Laura Ingraham the rest sounded like apologist for Captain Zero

Andrew33 said...

Hey, I have to be honest, when I want to see a news story about someone's pet stuck in a drainage pipe, MSNBC has it covered better than anybody. Little things like ACORN and the healthcare bill should not be that important, I mean c''s someone's pet. You gotta watch MSNBC. Those are real stories, not fluff like fox runs. Well okay, the pets are fluffy but come on, MSNBC has that peacock so you gotta watch them right?