Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Fox News!


In an article by Bill O'Reilly, he wrote:

Big birthday this week: Fox News Channel is 13 years old. I was there on Oct. 7, 1996, when the channel was launched with about 15 million subscribers. Now we have about 90 million. Back then, if "The Factor" received 50 e-mails a day we were happy. Now, we average about 2,000 electronic letters daily.

FNC is perhaps the biggest media success since the networks were formed in the 1940s. Fox News is a billion-dollar enterprise that dominates cable news ratings and is consistently in the top five of all cable programs. Simply put, FNC is on fire even after all these years.
There are two compelling questions on our birthday. First, why the big success? Second, why do many media people despise us?

The success part is two-fold. There is no question that FNC leans to the right, because it gives conservative voices a prominent place on the air. No other TV news operation does this. So, logically, conservative Americans tune in for long periods of time.

Also, Fox News is not boring! This, I believe, is the biggest reason for our success. Like us or not, we move things along. We have lively people on the air. We take chances and do things differently. In primetime especially, Americans do not want dull programming. Many news programs simply recite the day's events. That will not cut it anymore. You have to give viewers something unique and entertaining. FNC does. Continued...

Congratulations to Fox News!! They are the only fair & balanced news channel today. They are doing absolutely awesome!!! Fox News tells the TRUTH. Fox News doesn't cover up the truth all in the name of Dear Leader. I am so happy that Fox News is doing extremely well on cable T.V. today, after first airing 13 years ago. Fox News, Keep on rocking in the ratings! They leave their competitors in the dust. Fox News, good luck with all your future endeavors!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thank you for being there FOX News. Same birthday as my sister's and today is my wife's. Teresa, aren't you proud of me for remembering my wife's birthday?

Linda said...

We found Fox News about 7 years ago, and now we know where to go for 'Fair and Balanced News'.

Happy Birthday, Fox News.

Ron Russell said...

Where would we be without FOX News---I shudder to think. So I'm with Teresa and Bill, Happy birthday FOX. Put you in good company there Teresa!

Teresa said...

You are the man, and I am proud of you for remembering your wife's B-day.

Teresa said...

I am glad you found Fox News 7 years ago. Mush better than any other news.

Teresa said...

Its hard to believe that its been 13 years since Fox News started up. I am so happy that they are beating the pants off the other cable news networks.

The Conservative Lady said...

I can't stomach any other news channel but FOX. Thank goodness there is one network we can trust to hear the whole story. Happy Birthday FNC.

Dr. Dave said...

I don't care much for O'Reilly...his ego is even bigger than Dear Leader's.

However, I do praise Fox for at least presenting an alternative when all of the other networks, cable, national, and local combined, present only Dear Leader's side of the story.

I also praise them for making money, as things that are RIGHT are bound to do.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday fox news. One day before mine

Teresa said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Happy belated Birthday!