Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goverment-Run Health Care: Reality Horror Story #1

Gov’t Health Care Horror Story: Lindsay McCreith

Ontario, Canada’s Lindsay McCreith traveled to the US to have a brain tumor removed. Why? Because the government-run health care system in Canada told him he could wait… a bit… well, actually, they said he could wait more than a year for it to be biopsied and removed. In the US, it took 2 weeks and the biopsy showed it was cancerous. McCreith figures if he waited in Canada for a year he might not be here telling us his story.


Rotti said...

Teresa, here are some more horror stories. We live just across the river from Windsor Canada, so I know this is all true.

Teresa said...

Thank You for the link. I have already taken a look at one video and will take a look at the others and I will most likely post some of them.