Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Must See(hilarious!): Barney Frank - The Banking Queen

Barney Frank The Banking Queen


LL said...

Teresa, you are simply TOO BAD!

Have you no limits? (hahaha)

Barney takes no responsibility for the financial crisis when he ACORN and the liberal fools were riding that horse into the dust.

Amusing Bunni said...

Funny, Teresa!
He is SUCH a queen...what isn't funny is how he and his cronies have totally destroyed real estate and the whole economy in America.

Teresa said...

That's one video I just couldn't resist. Barney Frank deserves to go down for his role in causing the financial crisis.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,
Barney is a queen. I think Barney and his cronies deserve to resign for causing this financial fiasco.

Ron Russell said...

This was great. Abba was always one of my favorite groups. Barney and Abba, Ha!

Opus #6 said...

This vid is hilarious. I love the misspellings. Perfect.

The dems try to put all of the financial stuff on Bush, but they fail to look at the facts of what happened. Great vid to call attention to it.

Anonymous said...

Oh Geeezzz, don't get me started

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol...busy as all get out..sorry for not visiting sooner! :)

Teresa said...

Definitely a good version of that abba song.

Teresa said...

Your right. The dems fail to look at the facts.

Teresa said...

Professor of Life,
Thank You for stopping by and commenting. Welcome back, anytime.

Teresa said...

Don't worry about it. Glad that you stopped by. Hope everything's going good.

Rotti said...

best and funniest video ever. hope you don't mind if I pass on. To top it off with Abba makes it priceless.

Teresa said...

Go right ahead. This video needs to be passed along as much as possible. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Ron Russell said...

Everything on the video was absolutely perfect---Barry is funny, but he is really dangerous for the country. And I should add, any male sitting within 20 feet.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Watching Bwany Fwank sure made me feel a little better. Boy that was funny.

nyp said...

Isn't it really a sign of basic homophobia to make juvenile references to Congressman Franks as a "queen"?

Tell me again how conservatives aren't prejudiced against gays.

Teresa said...

Most Rev. Gregori,
I am glad that helped you to feel better.

Teresa said...

How about a sense of humor?

The video is about Barney Frank's bad policies.

Are you ashamed of the term queen? Are you ashamed that it refers to being gay?

nyp said...

Teresa - interesting that you slyly ask if I were "ashamed" of the term "queen."
I suppose you feel the only people who might feel offended by anti-gay bigotry are homosexuals. Just liek the only people who would be offended by anti-Catholic slurs would be Catholics, right?
You are much better off simply admitting that your post was offensive and (perhaps unintentionally) bigoted, and that you apologise for it.
Then none of us need to feel ashamed.

Teresa said...

I'm not ashamed at all. This video is not full of anti-gay bigotry. This was simply good humor making fun of a liberal.

You obviously don't know good humor when you see it.

No Subject said...

I am and have always been a rocker, and I couldn’t stand anything abba ever recorded.
But this version of their song was not only hilarious, it hit the nail squarely on the head. Loved it

Side note to nyp, Most of us are not homophobic. Fear of the practitioners homosexuality has never even entered our thoughts. Gays and lesbians do not scare us in any way shape or form.

However most of us are, as scripture teaches us to be, deitiphobic. --Mat. 10:28

Making a humorous jab at the misbehavior of others is no different than dressing up on Halloween to poke fun at the devil in any of his evil forms.

nyp said...

OK, now I see. So if someone was Italian you could ridicule him and call him a "guinea" or a "wop" without being an anti-Italian bigot. It's merely "good humor," "poking fun at the devil."

Thanks so much for clearing that up.

Teresa said...

I will say once again, this was merely making fun of his crappy politics.

He is the queen, or master of screwing up the financial system.

If your ashamed of him being a homosexual, that's your problem.

BTW- Yours are ethnic slurs. Since Barney prides himself on supporting the corrupt group ACORN and was mostly responsible for causing the financial crisis. He is the queen at screwing... screwing up the country.