Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keith Tryin To Flex on Rush (video)

First, I would like to note that Keith Olbermann, the sycophant that he is, needs to take a trip to the deep, blue sea. I think the man(and I use that term lightly) needs to be dunked underwater for several minutes. That would help his brain to go into detox mode, and remove all of the liberal toxins that are infecting his brain. Then, he can start over from scratch, and be a "new" person with common sense, dignity, self-respect, and most importantly, be a conservative.

Keith Tryin To Flex on Rush


Andrew33 said...

That was AWESOME. Im throwing this up at KOOK's. He just said exactly how it is. He's right about Beck being a result of his success, and he's right about MiSsingNBS doing nothing trash talking Fox, Rush.Beck Bill O and US 24hrs a day. Keith Olberwoman a.k.a. Keith the "boneless" (read into that what you will, wouldn't know the truth if it was a baseball bat bashing his teeth in, and if by some stroke of luck he showed up at my door he'd get one. (actually it's a kid's tee ball bat because it's short enough that I can take someone's head off one armed and my place of residence has lots of narrow places) So thank you Teresa, you have hit a homerun, and check your e-mail in about 15 minutes.

Amusing Bunni said...

Teresa! I loved this. Also, why do you encourage nyp...just delete the nut job! Like Opie Said, you are feeding him... Just delete as you read...there are more on there now....and also delete any threats...it's not to be encouraged or acknowledged...too much drama.
I find I'm very happy with my policy, delete trolls, others just leave if they are not too trollish, but don't write a book responding.

It's just like the bullies at work. They say crazy stuff to get a rise out of you...then if you take their bait, they make it like You're the crazy one. JUST IGNORE IT ALL!