Friday, October 9, 2009

Democrats Master Plan for Health Care: Tax the Sick & Cut Medicare

What a magnificent idea!! Why not tax the sick? In Dick Morris's and Eileen McGann's latest article, they note that President Obama and Max Baucus have come up with a way to fund health care, Tax the sick. How ludicrous. They want to penalize the sick for being ill. What the hell! I thought that these were supposed to be the ever-caring liberals who wanted to help the sick? How is taxing the very people you supposedly want to help, going to help them out? Its not. This is going to put the sick, and most vulnerable in a bind financially. Is this Obama, Baucus, and the Democrats motive? To make the sick and/or elderly turn to the government for their end of life counseling? To save revenues? This is NOT going to help the sick! This is going to hurt the sick! But, Maybe this is all a part of their master plan?

In a new amendment to the health care bill, they propose to limit the deductibility of medical expenses on income taxes.
Now, taxpayers may deduct any medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of their Adjusted Gross Income. Obama and Baucus want to raise that threshold to 10% as long as the taxpayer is under 65.
Eight million Americans are sick enough and poor enough that they have to pay more than 7.5% of their income in medical expenses. And it is these folks that the liberals Obama and Baucus plan to tax! Six million of them earn less than $75,000 a year!
For a family earning $75,000 a year and facing out-of-pocket medical bills of $7, 500, this proposal would cost them about $600 a year in extra taxes.

And let’s remember who it is that they are taxing. This proposal affects people whose incomes are so limited and whose medical costs are so high that they exceed 7.5% of their pre-tax income. More

In a CNS News article, Pelosi says that she will squeeze Medicare to Pay for Health Care Bill.

On Sept. 10, 2009, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that Congress will pay for half of the $1 trillion health care reform bill that President Obama wants enacted by “squeezing” Medicare and Medicaid to wring out what she called “waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy, obsolescence and whatever it is.” Pelosi was asked at her weekly press briefing if she agreed with President Obama that much of the health care reform plan can be paid for by cutting Medicare and Medicaid.

“Half the bill will be paid for by squeezing excesses out of the [Medicare and Medicaid] system, and there is $500 billion dollars to do that and we’re looking for more,” Pelosi said. “That can be achieved--waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy, obsolescence, whatever it is. Squeeze it out of the system; and that means out of the providers and the rest as well.”

On John Boehner's Blog, The GOP Leader, Kevin Boland posted:

The Democrats’ $1.6 trillion government takeover of health care relies on two funding schemes that will hurt millions of Americans - tax hikes and spending cuts.
The Democrats’ inclination to raise taxes on middle class families and small businesses has been well documented - and House Democrats are gunning to pass a health care bill with $800 billion in new taxes. But one element that is often overlooked in the health care debate is the drastic cuts Democrats are envisioning for Medicare - amounting to $500 billion over 10 years, largely taken out of Medicare Advantage, a program millions of American seniors depend on and value for their health care.

The Washington Post stated:

A bill being prepared by the Senate Finance Committee would trim more than $400 billion over the next decade from Medicare and Medicaid. Here's how the Medicare cuts, worth more than $300 billion, break down:

$182 billion in reduced payment rates for providers such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and hospices.
$113 billion from Medicare Advantage.
$23 billion in lower payments to hospitals for uncompensated care.
Other savings:
$10.7 billion in higher drug-coverage premiums for high-income seniors.
$10.1 billion from programs that encourage innovation.

$22.6 billion from a new Medicare commission empowered to restrain future spending growth.
SOURCE: Congressional Budget Office

Yes, Indeed Obama, Baucus, Pelosi and all the rest of the Democrats want to and WILL CUT MEDICARE for the SICK and ELDERLY in their health care bill.

So, beware folks, don't this atrocity of a bill pass!!!

Left Coast Rebel was right!! His article is accurate.
Pelosi did say she agrees with and is for cuts to medicare.


Ron Russell said...

The have this huge bill, this huge spending bill and they are having to dig deep to see how to pay for it. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see turnstiles installed at the doctors office. Just a joke, but than Nancy is calling for a VAT, in short a national sales tax. Tax and spend is really all these guys on the left know. There is absolutely nothing else in their playbook. Ever problem in fixed in only one way---throw money at it! Wouldn't be so bad, but we're out of money, almost out of credit and I'm afraid "out of luck"!

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great research and spot-on. I commend you for putting the work into this to get these truths out. And they are just that - truths. Nice work!

The Right Look said...

Awesome post!

I love the details. Well, not the details themselves. Just that you are including so many! ;)

Well done!

An analogy on Ron's turnstile quote. It's my understanding that turnstiles only work in one direction. They only let you in. And once you are in, (the system), your screwed!

How in the world do people like this get to where they are and get to hold the positions that they hole is beyond my simple understanding!

May God help us one and all!

Go Newt!
God bless America!


Opus #6 said...

The politicians SHOULD have empathy for the elderly because they are elderly themselves. They DON"T because they have set up their own separate health care system for Congressional Fat Cats. They want to gut Medicare and put Grandma into hospice. It is SHAMEFUL!

nyp said...

You know, it is pretty funny that Republicans suddenly believe that the only program in the entire federal government that has no waste fraud and abuse. Given the fact that House Republicans voted last Spring to eliminate Medicare as we currently know it, that is a new-found position indeed.
In fact, numerous exhaustive non-partisan studies - including last week's CBO analysis - have concludede that smart structural changes (particularly those to the boondogel-ish Medicare Advantage program) can achieve substantial savings in what taxpayers are now having to spend.
The changes in the amount of medical expenses subject to the itemization exclusion are minimal. You neglect to mention that the everyone over 65 is exempted from the change. Younger taxpayers are unlikely to be substantially affected for the simple reason that they are less likely to have such large uninsured medical expenses. That is because the very point of the legislation is to keep medical expenses from eating up such large proportions of middle class income.

Most importantly, the Finance Committee legislation actually reduces the deficit, whicle providing adequate insurance to millions of our fellow citizens. I would think that is something to celebrate.