Monday, November 16, 2009

Doubt? Funding Terrorism? (Video)

Obama wants to enable Muslims to fund terrorism??? WTF???

We must stop this....

This dishonorable pond scum wants to allow Muslims to pay less taxes than you and I. This is outrageous!!!


This man is a freaking Muslim sympathizer.  He is not committed to fighting against terrorism. We have seen Obama give money to front organizations for terrorism over the past 10 months of his presidency.  This removes no doubt in my mind that since he was raised a Muslim, lived in a Muslim country,  that he still in fact thinks of himself as a Muslim. He is no Christian.

We need to stop Obama from ruining our country



Fuzzy Slippers said...

This is outrageous! But not surprising. You can tell he's a terrorist sympathizer by the way he looks down at his feet and shuffles around and can't find the right words (the ones he knows he *should* say and mean but can't and doesn't). Watch him again when he talks about the Fort Hood terrorists, he keeps looking down at his feet. Lying and upset that he can't say what he really feels.

And I'm sure you know this, but Christians are obliged to pay a 10% tithe on their earnings, too, is BO going to ease our tax burden to make THAT possible? Not on the likely.

No Subject said...

This comes as no surprise to me. In fact, I suspect that the real reason behind why B.O. wants to move the islamo-fascist currently being held at Gitmo, to prisons right here on the mainland, is so that they can proselytize amongst the sociopathic inmates in those prisons. The resulting converts would then, upon release, join terror cells and help create the kind of havoc, which could then be used as an excuse for the suspension of the constitution, the imposition of marshal law, and the complete take over of the United States of America. Once that is accomplished, the same islamo-slime virus could then be organized into B.’s own version of the SS. It is not beyond this socialist @$$, and sympathizer of the islamo-fascist cause to do such a thing. And remember that today’s jihadist come from the same kind of people who worked hand in hand with the National Socialist German Workers Party, aka Nazis.

Andrew33 said...

You realize that Muslims see Jesus as a prophet. They can and do build mosques and make them a shrine to Jesus as a way of hiding their activities. (That is why Black Liberation Theology preachers seem to always have close ties to Muslims)

During the election I told people that, and they told me I must be mistaken. Now Obama goes overseas and bows down to the other world leaders. That is a MASSIVE breach of Military protocol. Obama is the highest ranking Officer in the Military.

Christians really are not obliged to pay 10%. That was a Jewish tradition. Many Christian groups still hold to that belief and we can agree to disagree, but if you are going to use that logic, then we better start eating kosher food and having animal sacrifices. The only commandment for tithe (10%) was in the Old Testament. We are told to give of our means. That means giving whatever you can and is not limited to money but is also about time and effort to help however possible. (I interpret "giving of your means" to be more than just 10%)