Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Different Interviews With Bishop Tobin

Here are two interviews with Bishop Tobin.  Please take notice how one is disrespectful and the other is respectful.  Here is a Catholic Bishop willing to stand up for his faith.  If you don't stand up for the principles of your faith and follow those principles than I don't see any point in being a part of the community of that faith.  And, it is especially scandalous for the Catholic Church to allow a public politician like Rep. Kennedy to promote abortion when it goes against the moral teachings of the Church.


Ron Russell said...

I saw that the other day on O'Rilley. The man takes a stand and these liberal politicians who want to have it both ways, by saying they personally oppose abortion, but favor a womans right to choose are in for a surprise. Americans are beginning to see the other side of their face. Those one-eyed jacks are being flipped.

Soloman said...

Matthews lost me when he said "This isn't about values, this is about behavior." Therein lies the difference between liberalism and Conservatism.

Conservatives have values, and we hold them in high regard. Even Conservatives who do not practice an organized religion (I would include myself in this category) still hold to a moral standard; a set of values. I don't need to go to church to prove it, but I have faith in God; therefore I have a set of values I uphold.

When I was a liberal - not so much. This led to great decay in my standard of living, because I essentially didn't believe in anything. I had no purpose; no consistency in my daily reason for being.

Liberals think about behavior. Behavior the way liberals percieve it leads to groupthink: all Blacks this, all women that, Christians hate everything, and so on.

That's why many young people are liberal in mindset - it's easy. All you have to do is fit into a behavior category and you're included, and to young people inclusion is extremely important.

Behavior is dictated by values, so if you have a solid value set, you need not worry about behavior. When I cleaned up my act and found out I wasn't the most important person in the world, I suddenly realized why my parents and others around me had success while I continued to fail: values.

Once I understood how important it is to accept and respect a power higher than myself, my value set suddenly fell into place, and I began to find more consistency in life.

Now that I've written my own post in your comments section - thanks for posting these, they are an excellent contrast.

Plus - Chris Matthews is just an arrogant ass. What happened to him? He used to be more rational.

Teresa said...

I am happy that Bishop Tobin is taking a stand. He is one of my heroes. If politicians want to be Catholic they must follow the Catholic faiths standards, None of this half-ass stuff is acceptable.

Have a great Thanksgiving with your family & friends.

Teresa said...

I loved your rant. You are welcome to do that anytime on my blog. You made excellent points. Having values is very important. Groupthink is bad for the individual because then the individual becomes stereotyped, whereas conservatives stresses the idea of individualism which encourages everyone to do their best, instead on relying on others for everything. Conservatives don't think of themselves as victims of race or gender etc.

Teresa said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

Soloman said...

Teresa - thanks.. I hope you too have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Opus #6 said...

Great post Teresa.

And great comment, Sol. You indeed share your Wisdom with us.

I was bragging just today to a friend how wonderful our bloggers are, especially the converted liberals among us. And this is exactly why. You bring a range of experience and you can speak from experience. Powerful.

Teresa said...

Converts to conservatism are very important because they understand how the other side works/thinks since they were once belonged to the ideology known as liberalism. My husband is a liberal convert and understands the dark side very well.

Eman said...

A Blessed and safe Thanksgiving to you and your family Teresa. I am thankful for you today because of all you do for the cause of Liberty and Justice and Freedom, not just here on this little page, but your courage to march in Washington and your help in making us see the truth so muddled up by those who would seek to steal it.

May The Mighty Father who guides us all, abide in your home and heart.

May the Peace of Christ the crucified dwell alive in your heart.

May His Holy hand and spirit, be your ever present pilot for your walk, and may God grant your and yours long life so we may be blessed by your insight, courage and truth.

Be Well.

Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks for putting this up here, Teresa. I'm happy there are still good Roman Catholic Priests and Bishops in this Nation! We need more of them, esp. in Chi Town ;-)

Have a Blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving,
I'm thankful you're a good friend to me, luv ya.

The_Kid said...

It's against my religion to watch anything from msnbc.

But let me guess which one was disrespectful.

Teresa said...

Eman, I hope you and your family had a wonderful, safe and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.

I am thankful to have you as a fellow patriot and friend fighting against this tyranny being forced upon us by this government. May God bless you and your family today and always.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,
Bishop Tobin is awesome for standing up for the Catholic faith. Yes, we need many more like him. And, especially in Chicago.

Teresa said...

The Kid,
Its really pretty obvious which one is disrespectful. Its the one that works for the channel that's against your religion to watch.

I try not to watch that filth either.

Ron Russell said...

Off topic, but wanted to drop by and wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Keep up the good work girl, you are an American patriot.