Friday, November 27, 2009

Russian News Video: Reporting on the Hoax of Climate Change

As the left continues to lie to American citizens about climate change and rip citizens money off all for a hoax, we conservatives will continue to spread the truth about climate change.

H/T goes to Bill Dupray at True/Slant


Barking Spider said...

All the main political parties and the MSM over here are trying to either ignore the hacked e-mails "climategate" scandal or exerting extreme pressure to keep a lid on it.
Too late - the cat is out of the bag and there is no way this is going to go away quietly - we won't let it!

Soloman said...

"The people in charge of the date have been 'fiddling' it."

That's classic!

I've been keeping an eye on Huffington Post, because I love watching the far left squirm when their theories are debunked.

They had an article over the weekend trying to say that climategate was nothing to be concerned about, and since then they've gone pretty much silent on the topic. Hmmm....

Amusing Bunni said...

Once Again, Russia reports the truth that the MSM refuses to. We are a laughing stock over there, and in the rest of the world. But like Spidey said,
the cat's out of the bag now, and you know how hard it is to herd cats back in a bag...hee hee.
Happy Saturday, Teresa.