Monday, November 23, 2009

Persuasive Evidence That Obama is a Muslim


Big H/T  goes to Most Rev. Gregori at his blog Let The Truth Be Known


Opus #6 said...

I got an email about this subject today but it won't fit into the comment box. I will blog it in the morning. Excellent topic. We must not let up the pressure.

Greg Bacon said...

But of course Obama is a 'Muslim!'

See for yourself and then wonder why Obama appointed so many of those Muzzies to his cabinet... like Rahm Emanuel, Axelrod, Orszag, Summers and that 'towel head' lover and bomb thrower HRM Clinton, who has threatened to nuke Israel numerous times. OMG!!!

Obama has appointed more of those Islamofascist types to his cabinet than former President Clinton, who had set a record for appointing Muzzies.

Check out the web pages of the State and Treasury Departments and you'll be shocked at how many Islamofascists are lurking in the halls.

Wonder how Islamofascists have taken over the Federal Reserve and are not only fighting an audit, but have made veiled threats to take down the economy if an audit is performed and we keep asking questions about that 24 TRILLION dollars the Fed printed up and gave away to its buddies.

And all those Wall Street banks that pulled off the largest theft in history, robbing Americans and stealing their homes?

All staffed, owned and operated by more sinister Islamofascists types.

Those major MSM outlets that conjured up lies about Iraq and passed them on as news?
All run by Islamofascists who are so sneaky, they tricked the USA into invading TWO Muslim nations and are now leading us into more wars against Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen and Iran.

Those crafty devils!

Those DC 'think tanks' like AEI, WINEP, JINSA and Brookings that spend all their time 'thinking' about how to keep America bogged down in the ME fighting endless wars and sacrificing our kids and spending ourselves into poverty to support the wars?

ALL run by those sneaky Muzzies!!

Yes America, our country has already been taken over by those types of Islamofascists and you don't even know it happened.

Yep, that Muslim Obama is one sneaky sucker!

Teresa said...

I have always suspected that he is a Muslim and now more evidence seems to be rolling in to back that up.

Teresa said...

Yes, He is a Muslim. His reactions or inaction to the Muslim murdering our troops in Ft. Hood is more proof that he is a Muslim.

Snarky Basterd said...

Whatever he is, he's the wrong person at the wrong time and all wrong for the job he has.

Amusing Bunni said...

Straight from the horses ass (I mean mouth) bwahhhhh!
Happy Thanksgiving, Teresa. I hope you have a lovely time and all Blessings to you and yours!

Ron Russell said...

Those are interesting videos Teresa and they make great points. I hadn't thought about that campaign symbol before, it does give one pause. I don't know what he is except he is not right for America now or any time in the future. He is a danger and a threat to this country and the values our fathers passed on to us.

Malcolm said...

Come on, that first video is so heavily edited and taken out of context, I don't see how anybody can take it seriously. The non-partisan site does a detailed analysis here:

As for the 2nd video, it's just a bunch of propaganda. If people want to think President Obama isn't right for the country that's fine, but these videos are hardly what any objective person would call "persuasive".

Teresa said...

Yes, the first video is edited. But it is not distorted in any way. Obama supports Muslims in a very apparent way that promotes "values" that are in fact antithetical to American values.

And, the left doesn't put out propagnada. The factcheck site and the MSM are just a bunch of coverups for the whole Obama administration.

Malcolm said...

I think one has to be really biased if they still don't think the video montage is distorted, even after they've visited the non-partisan site If one goes to, sees what the video edited out, and views the info objectively, I don't see how they can still believe Obama is a Muslim based on that video.

As for propaganda, I never said it doesn't exist on the left. Propaganda knows no political viewpoint.

Regarding, as I said earlier, it is a non-partisan site. For example, they have set the record straight on rumors/lies that painted Sarah Palin in a negative way. As you can probably guess, I am not a Sarah Palin fan. However, I do not despise her nor do I believe every negative story that is put out about her. When proved that Sarah Palin did not threaten to fire Wasilla's librarian for not banning books, I didn't say, "oh, they are covering up for her." You say that is covering up for the Obama administration. Are they also covering up for Sarah Palin when they dispel negative rumors about her? You can't have it both ways.

As for your claim about the so-called MSM covering up for the Obama administration, I don't believe that either.

Although I am a liberal, I don't view conservatism as something that's evil. There is good and bad on both sides of the political fence. One thing that has become a problem is the lack of objectivity that some exhibit when it comes to politics. Just to be clear, it happens on both sides. What we all need to do is look at situations objectively and not form our opinions based on political ideology.

Teresa said...

I will give you that is much less biased and than our MSM. It is close to neutral.

I do respect for debunking false claims about Sarah Palin.

The MSM covered up for many of Obama's questionable associations with avowed communists. They also aided him in helping Obama look more like a centrist when in reality his ideaology consists of a far leftsist mentality.

Obama may not be a typical type of Muslim in attending a Mosque but it is clear that he favors the Muslim way-of-life versus a Christan way-of-life. Plus, according to Muslim tradition since his father was a Muslim he will always be considered a Muslim. You don't think that he could be a closet Muslim? My perceptions on this is based on how he has reacted to certain events or tragedies in the past and in his first 11 months as President.

The lack of objectivity is understandable because both sides have their opinions on political matters. Reporting on a snow storm or a tragic accident is different than talking about whether we should send more troops or not.

I view liberalism as wrong. I try and listen to both sides before making a decision on a particular topic.

Malcolm said...

What I like about is that they are neutral and have no political agenda. Do you trust them in regards to the rumors/lies they've debunked about Obama?

Sure, Obama could be a Muslim... just as you, I or anyone else could be one and if he was a Muslim, "so what?" Unlike you, I don't view Muslims as being automatically evil. On the same token, I won't condemn any other religion as a whole just because some members are no good.

Since you view liberalism as wrong, that sounds to me as if you've already made up your mind about a topic before you've even heard both sides. Having a political opinion shouldn't exclude one for showing objectivity. The bottom line is that if one is going to slam a politician with an opposing viewpoint for certain actions, they should also do it when a politician who shares their beliefs does the same thing.

Teresa said...

I never claimed that all Muslims were evil. But, I will say that it seems that most either are Jihadists or they support the Jihadists.

It depends on how the topic is presented. I look at both sides but close to 100% of the time agree with the conservative viewpoint. I try to understand it from their perspective. Plus, if their are old school Democrats around they have a much different perspective than liberals do today.

Believe me I hate when our Republican politicians vote a certain way or spend way too much as Bush did.

Malcolm said...

Thank you for clarifying that you don't feel all Muslims are evil. The point of this post seemed to imply that Obama is a Muslim and that he is therefore, evil. Again, I appreciate you clearing that up.

Regarding, I'm wondering if you have an answer for the following question I posed in my last comments:

Do you trust them in regards to the rumors/lies they've debunked about Obama?

K. said...

"it is clear that he favors the Muslim way-of-life versus a Christan way-of-life."

Since he's a Christian, how is this clear? How is it clear anyway? What do you mean by "the Muslim way-of-life"? On what theological basis do you draw your conclusions? Is there a such thing as "the Christian way-of-life"?

"The MSM covered up for many of Obama's questionable associations with avowed communists."

What "questionable associations" with which "avowed communists"? Please cite of their communism from an independent source, and detail (or provide a source that details) the exact nature of the associations.

"I have always suspected that he is a Muslim and now more evidence seems to be rolling in to back that up."

"Seems" is a weasel word if there ever was one. The small print in the video smear you produce as "evidence" undermines that large print title by admitting that there is no actual evidence.

Your sleazy rhetoric comes across as an amalgam of the anti-Catholicism of 1928 and the McCarthyism of the 50s. Tailgunner Joe would be proud of you.