Tuesday, November 10, 2009

U.S. Catholic Bishops Pro PelosiCare: USCCB Anti-Liberty??? & Anti-Freedom???

The USCCB(United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) was NEVER AGAINST this health care bill. As a Catholic, I am appalled at the way the Catholic Bishops are perverting Catholicism and promoting liberal propaganda. The Catholic Church endorses tyranny upon the people as long as it ends up benefiting them. This is disgraceful. This is despicable. They only care about putting the tax burdens on the people so that they (the CHURCH) do not have to pay for it. The liberals only care about separation of church and state when it DOES NOT benefit them. The Church stood up for the sanctity of human life. I am happy about that. But, in all actuality the USCCB needs to stay the heck out of the health care debate. They need to focus on being good leaders. Maybe, they need to take a leap backward and go back to the seminaries, so that they can learn how to become good leaders who promote good traditional Catholic values, instead of this liberal garbage that they have given into spreading and ruining the mnds in churches. OUR CATHOLIC BISHOPS HAVE GIVEN INTO MORAL RELATIVISM and the powers of EVIL. There was NO SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! Every person should be outraged at this fact. The Catholic Bishops want to force us to provide for illegal immigrants who came here ILLEGALLY. I do think that these LEGAL MEXICANS should be helped, but in the proper venue. The proper venue is NOT HERE IN THE U.S., but rather in Mexico. Both America and Americans should help Mexico so that Mexico can help its own citizens. But, over in Mexico, where they belong, until they are willing to come to the United States the proper way. The Bishops should be getting on Mexico's case and strongly urging them to take care of their people. But, oh no. According to them, its acceptable for everybody to BREAK THE LAW and just come sneaking across the border into America as they please. I tell you what Bishops. Here's a challenge, because I am utterly fed up with you arrogant son of a guns. Bishops: You start walking the walk and not just talking the talk. I challenge our Bishops to actually spend some time in Mexico and help the country rebuild the infrastructure in Mexico. Call on businesses fom all over the World to start businesses and employ the citizens of Mexico. Call on the Mexican government to build and repair its infrastructure. Call on the government to help its poor. Please USCCB, actually do something, take responsibility, and take action for the lives in Mexico, instead of just pushing off that responsibility to one country in particular (United States) which wants to be able to secure its borders so that it can prevent another terrorist attack from occurring. Please be for our laws of governence and encourage ALL IMMIGRANTS TO COME HERE LEGALLY!!!!

In Cliif Kincaid  article he explains further how Catholic Bishops helped to pass Pelosicare.


The Conservative Lady said...

Great post. Your points are valid and it's too bad the abortion amendment, promoted by the Bishops, will eventually mean nothing once the final health care bill is agreed upon. The only thing it did was facilitate a win for Pelosi.

Teresa said...

The Conservative Lady,
I can't stand how the USCCB and the Catholic Church has turned so liberal. It is too bad how the Stupak amendment is going to mean nothing in its final form.

Andrew33 said...

The Catholic Church has acted as a goverent since Constantine "legalized" Christianity in the Roman Empire in 313. His "version" of Christianity was a blend of Christianity and a Roman Cult that worhipped Gladiators among other things. The celebration of Christmas on 12/25 came out of that cult. If you look at the climate near Jerusalem, events listed in the "Nativity" would not have happened in December as it would have been too cold and often rainy/snowy.