Thursday, January 28, 2010

Charles Krauthammer Speaks on The Age of Obama & The Decline of Obama

In this video, Charles Krauthammer speaks is in front of a crowd at The Heritage Foundation, and delivers a most fascinating and brilliant speech. This speech is on The Age of Obama, and the decline of Obama. I don't want to give away too much of what's in the video but I agree with the way Krauthammer characterizes Obama's pacifism, actually all pacifism, as being a childish notion. The fact that Obama thinks that Iran is a diversion is absurd. Iran is a threat that we must take seriously, instead of tossing it aside like a hot potato and forgetting about Iran's nuclear threat. That hot potato may come back to blow up in our faces (literally- BOOM!!!) if the Obama administration ignores this grave threat to our country. The Republicans need to bring up the issue of Iran often, so Obama cannot ignore this threat that Iran poses to the citizens of this great country. This speech itself is about 35 minutes long and starts (guessing here) about 5 minutes in from where the video begins. Enjoy!!! Grab a coffee or soda, and a snack and relax.

Warning: Get ready for a lot of cleavage.

Charles Krauthammer Speech

If you have trouble watching the video on my blog with it stopping constantly, you can watch it here.


Andrew33 said...

Actually, I think Korea is a far bigger problem than Iran because a flare up there could cause a war between China and the USA. Remember, China is not exactly happy with us now because we are selling arms to taiwan and devaluing our money which they have so much of and it is severely hurting their economy. The N. Koreans are shelling the DMZ very close to our troops. The shelling has gotten progressively closer to our bases and look at history and you will see that world wars start when world economies go south, like now. Consider this also, If o-loser's poll numbers drop any lower, he will want to start war out of expediency much like FDR (who sat on the info that the japs were going to bomb Pearl, after years of war prepping. Wilson did the same thing. He sold arms to both sides in WW1, while we armed ourselves and then we decided to go to war after one of our ships was torpedoed, but hundreds had been torpedoed previously. Look at Obama and he is identical to FDR and Wilson who both got us into world wars. Whether it's Iran, which is a far less threat now because of internal conflict, or somewhere else, the world is a powder keg again just like 100 years ago, and 60 years years ago and one incident will set the whole thing off. Given Obama's temper (or lack of) which was obvious in the 2 or so minutes of the rant last night, is the guy we want with his finger on the button to fry the world, because whether we like it or not, he is.

Teresa said...

I totally agree with you about Obama being just like FDR and Wilson. I could see him starting a war just so he could stay president. But, I have heard recently that N. Korea is cooperating with the inspectors to some degree now. That could be a ruse, but, regardless this nation must be vigilant against the threats of both Iran and N. Korea.

Arthurstone said...

Iran. North Korea. Why choose?

Invade them both!

It's the only solution.

Anonymous said...

Teresa... Thank you for this timely and substantive post. This guy always gets my attention.

Nice one.

Teresa said...

Yes, we do need to stop them both.

Teresa said...

Krauthammer really knows his stuff.

the malcontent said...

Consider this to have been 0bama reading his own political obituary. He, like all Marxist thugs, is tone-deaf to the demands of the people.