Sunday, January 17, 2010

Martha Coakley Has Ruined People's Lives: Vote For Scott Brown

Coakley just can't seem to make the right decision. She makes the wrong decision in aiding a police officer who committed rape against his 23-month old niece. And, then she obtained fabricated evidence through the use of discredited techniques. She SUCKS!!!

"As for Coakley's record as a prosecutor and district attorney, it inspires even less confidence in Massachusetts voters. As the head of a child abuse and sex crimes unit and later as district attorney, Martha Coakley was a strong proponent of using discredited techniques of "recovering memory" of past child abuse.

As a result, innocent men like Gerald Amirault, a former daycare operator who, along with his mother and sister, was accused of molesting children in his care, was released a long 18 years after his conviction. Wall Street Journal writer Dorthy Rabinowitz, who won a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the Amirault case, wrote that after coaching by therapists, "Mrs. Amirault was accused of raping a child with a magic wand, of assaulting another sexually with a large butcher knife, Gerald of abusing children in a magic room while dressed as a clown, and Cheryl of similar unspeakable violations." After the case collapsed, and long after the family had been convicted, Coakley personally lobbied then-Governor Jane Swift to block Gerald Amirault's release.

While the Amirault case has received the most coverage, there's also the case of Ray and Shirley Souza, who were accused of molesting both their children and grandchildren. As with the Amarault case, no credible physical evidence existed of sexual assault—but that didn't stand in the way of the hyper-ambitious Coakley. "What we have are 6- and 7-year-old female children testifying credibly about incidents in the recent past." Those credible incidents included being forced to drink a "green potion" before being inappropriately touched, being molested by a giant robot, and Ray Souza putting his head in his granddaughter's vagina and "wiggling" it around.

The Amiraults and Souzas were railroaded; there lives were ruined. Coakley, always forthright about her political ambitions (in 2004, she announced that she would seek Sen. John Kerry's seat if he won the presidency), stands by her overzealous prosecutions and defends the convictions. When asked about the bizarre and incredible tales "recovered" by the Souza grandchildren, Coakley offered this curious defense of the prosecutions: "Kids cannot fabricate a comprehensive lie about putting their fingers in their grandmother's vagina and say it feels slimy and tell that to an interviewer and say it in court again six months later."

A decade ago, Coakley told The Boston Globe that if her political career were to flame out she would likely "retire to Martha's Vineyard and write murder mysteries." On Friday, liberal journalist Steve Kornacki reported that Coakley's own internal polling shows Brown with a three-point lead. I eagerly await Coakley's literary debut."

And, then she allows thuggery from her campaign. Here are two videos showing Coakley, allowing one of her campaign assistants to push John McCormack, a conservative reporter, down to the ground. She is a dirty, rotten politician. Croakley needs to be sent packing on Tuesday. She is NOT the right candidate for Massachusetts. Vote for Scott Brown!!!!

Vote for Scott Brown!!!!


Snarky Basterd said...

She'll be getting the chance to write those mysteries ... and I bet no one will publish them, either.

Chris W said...

It's a shame that Martha will still be AG after she loses the race.

She is nothing but another Massachusetts hack.

Eman said...

This was a union thug sent by the White House to be in her entourage. Chicago politics on crack... Plane as day!

WomanHonorThyself said...

thuggery is right!

Fuzzy Slippers said...

She is vile beyond words.

Barking Spider said...

Tuesday will be a good day for America, Teresa, Obama's vile, commie plans will come to nothing and he'll finish his one-term presidency like Carter did, broken and stopped in his tracks.