Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lt Col Allen West- The Model Candidate

Lt Col Florida District 22 Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West, US Army (Ret).

This man is a conservative who believes in traditional values. He believes that Obama is mishandling the wars in Afganistan and Iraq. He is fighting for the American people and taking on a Pelosi puppet named, Rep. Ron Klein. I believe that he is a model for our citizens and is the right person to send to Washington and restore a sense of pride, honor, and civility back to Congress and restore Congress and the Capitol to the people of the United States.

H/T goes to LL at Virtual Mirage


Ron Russell said...

Col West seems like a great American patriot. Its appears to be a time for Lt Col's---Scott Brown is also one.

Anonymous said...

I had seen this clip before and love it. This is the same guy who treated the terrorist, as strange it might be, as a terrorist.