Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LTC Allen West Discusses Obama, MLK, Race Relations & Other Issues

LTC Allen West, US Army (Ret) discusses many issues surrounding the Obama presidency.  He is a great patriot.  This is an interesting interview.

This is an interesting article on how Obama has confused and endangered our military's lives due to his lackadasical policies on terrorism.

Thanks Obama: U.S. Commanders in Afghanistan ‘Confused’ about How To Handle Captured Terrorists

Washington ( – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), just back from a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan, said he and other senators found operational “confusion” among U.S. military officials on how to handle detained enemy combatants.

“From the top to the bottom, the military, the American military people that we talked to, indicated some confusion, operationally, about what you do when you detain a terrorist,” McConnell said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The Republican delegation, which McConnell led, included Republican Sens. Mike Crapo (Idaho), Roger Wicker (Miss.), and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), the Senate GOP Conference vice-chairwoman

After pointing out that a U.S. military general declined to answer questions about the handling of insurgent detainees without the presence of his lawyer, the minority leader said: “This operational confusion has . . . been created, it strikes me, unnecessarily and, frankly, dangerously, by the administration.”

McConnell criticized the administration, in particular, for recently handing over the so-called underwear bomber, Nigerian terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, to criminal courts rather than to the military.

“This sort of preoccupation, if you will, that we see on full display here in the U.S., with the example of the Christmas would-be bomber being turned over — not to the military for interrogation, but to criminal courts — and told he is entitled to a lawyer, is a mentality that I think is very dangerous in the war on terror,” the minority leader said.



jadedfellow said...

Hey Sweetness,

This fella is locked and loaded.

Seen some blog clips here and there and wow, he puts the Pentacostal Holy Roller Preachers to shame. Yah gotta love a MAN who can preaches, GIT YOUR HEAD OUT AND GIT ER DUN!

We have hope, if we don't give up the war to the prissydent's administration.

jaded(fired up)fellow

Matt said...

I have been consistently impressed with West. He can run for anything in PA, and he'd have my vote. The man exudes leadership.

Joe said...

This man is great in my book.

Anonymous said...

Bring this guy to the front of the line. He's got my vote.

The Born Again American said...

Once we get LTC Allen West voted in and get rid of Alan Grayson, Florida will be on the "RIGHT" path...


I'll take him in 2012 over any of the so called front runners.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I would like to see 434 more just like him.

Stop Marxism said...

I have met Allen West. He is a a great Man and would be perfect for South Florida & America. He does not play the Race Card games like our TOTUS.

WomanHonorThyself said...

stoppin by to say hi and have a great weekend!:)