Thursday, December 3, 2009

Climate Alarmism (video)

Most scientists revel in their raw data because it supports their theories.  So, why would they throw out the data? Could it be that the scientists were hiding something? The fact that scientists threw away the raw data is unconscionable.  I make you a bet that the raw data that was thrown away proved that there is in fact a global cooling trend, and thus proved that the scientists global warming theory is false.

For some reason when I tried to post Jon Stewart's video on the climategate I got five of his videos outside my posting box and the embed code wouldn't register so it could be viewed so here are links to two wonderful blogs that have the Jon Stewart video posted -- MAINFO and The Conservative Lady.


Matt said...

Good video at any rate Teresa. It's hilarious that the media is so far behind us in the news.

Teresa said...

I thought the video was pretty informative. The media should be renamed the nonmedia since they are a bunch of ignorant idiots.

Eman said...

These professors and professional people are out there selling this idea and the fact of the matter is, they are just like whores: Out there selling they’re academic souls for cash. They are hookers. Maybe worse than hookers because I’d have more faith the hooker could do something worthwhile for the money: That hooker isn’t trying to shut down free markets or cripple the economy or destroy industries here in the United States, she’s just trying to make her thirty bucks! These professional academic acolytes have nothing. Not one iota of truth at all. And they’re asking us to all buy into their claims and threaten us with doomsday forecasts if we don’t pay up. Al Gore makes millions pushing GARBAGE that has real impact on human lives.

Well I never drank the kool-aid. I know a nut job when I see one and Al Gore is a nut job. He’s a very rich nut job right now, but I believe that will soon change. This bloviating narcissist who has delusions of godhood will soon be telling us the temps are going to go down, and then will rise again.

Katie bar the door oh the humanity… we are having … weather!!!!!!!!!

But in the meantime Obama and his merry men will tax us out of our quality of life, spend fortunes on con artists all over something we have nop control over at all.

Climate whores. You who said this would be a decade of the most volatile weather the planet has ever seen has been shown to be the most quiet series of hurricane seasons in my lifetime. We have had 2 major hurricanes in the last 5 years and none have hit populated areas. A few typhoons, but that’s it. These people said it was the Atlantic that would become a hurricane nursery of baby-boom proportions. The Atlantic is now exiting one of its calmest periods in the last 100 years. We barely had a rain storm come out of the Atlantic this year people!

So where are the alarmists now???

They’re in bed with Reid and Pelosi and Obama, just like the whores they truly are.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa, great video. I saw the Jon Stewart one, and that was hilarious too! I'm so glad the comics are starting to pick up on this. I hope next week copenhagen is going to be a big bust for all these crooks.

I already read alwhore has withdrawn his $1,200 handshake session due to "scheduling conflicts" yeah, right.

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Teresa,
Good video. Amazing how this BS has been going on for years and years.
Thanks for linking to my post, too.

Opus #6 said...

Nice vid, Teresa. Sorry the Stewart one didn't work out. I have trouble with them too.

Snarky Basterd said...

They threw it out in the name of hope and change ... they hoped to change the world into a socialist utopia where everyone worshiped the church of global warming.