Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eric Holder and His Leftist Comrades Are Responsible For Delaying Trials

                                                       H/T goes to Moonbattery

In Andrew McCarthy's article, he explains how Eric Holder himself along with his friends are the reason that there were so few military trials. Many of the same lawyers that obstructed the Bush administration efforts in bringing terrorists to military trial are now working for the Obama Justice Department. Yeah. You heard that right. The very lawyers that at every chance they got blockaded the Bush administration's efforts to bring these terrorists to justice are the same ones today advising BO to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a NYC courtroom because of delays which they themselves caused.

So, these leftist lawyers aided the terrorists at every chance they could get just to fill their leftist disdain for the Bush administration who vowed to bring justice to our enemies' and they campaigned against justice being served upon terrorists who were co-conspirators in committing the heinous acts of terrorism against our country, including the tragedy of 9/11. If it wasn't for these leftist lawyers, then justice would have been swiftly served upon these Islamic Jihadists. This type of justice would have honored all of the 9/11 victims. But, this court masqerade in NYC will only disgrace those lives lost on 9/11. The families of 9/11 victims have had to endure the delay of justice for their loved ones, not due to the Bush administration, but rather because of Holder and his gang of leftist lawyer cronies who craved for this NYC courtroom moment to show off just how much disdain they have for an America which would fight against terrorists in an all out frontal assault instead of merely waiting for another attack to happen on American soil while playing like nice little boys and girls with the terrorists. War does not work like that. In war you must give it your all to protect the country and citizens you serve instead of doing a half-ass job like our current president is doing now.

Holder's law firm Covington & Burling donated over 3000 hours of free legal assistance to our enemy detainees. Holder and the rest of our enemies' lawyers strongarmed the court's liberal bloc to invalidate military commissions charging that the commissions were not prescribed by Congress, but that they were actually prescribed by the President. This was unfounded and false. The left only knows how to distort reality for personal gain. Congress had in all actuality approved military tribunals in the 2005 Detainee Treatment Act. Should Eric Holder and his leftist comrades be charged with aiding our enemy? It sure seems that way to me since they blocked every effort to bring justice to terrorists. And now, their form of justice might include the aquittal of terrorists -- terrorists who committed heinous acts -- only to fulfill their malicious desire to make a mockery of the Bush administration when they were merely doing their job to protect American citizens from enduring the wrath of another 9/11 type of attack.

It is obvious that Holder and his gang of lawyers must have had an agenda straight from the beginning. If these leftist lawyers really had even a miniscule amount of love for America, and wanted to protect Americans, they would have allowed the military commissions to proceed under the Bush administration. Before 2006, Congress implicitly approved military commissions. In 2006 Congress explicitly approved the Military Commissions Act. After this Act was passed both the Al-Qaeda bar and the terrorists volunteer lawyers went to work simultaneously attacking the new commission system. Unfortuantely, it wasn't until well into 2008 that a lower court ruled that leftists abominable Bourmediene court decision did not invalidate the military commissions. Holder and his leftist comrades should not have been permitted to work in any aspect of the government and much less the Justice Dept. These anti-American leftists lawyers should have been brought up on charges for impeding justice and thus aiding the enemy. This administration is both a disgrace to America and its citizens. This administration sickens me. . .

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Ron Russell said...

I noticed this also. The left has done everything in is power to prevent military trials and then turn and point the finger at the Bush administration for not having speedy trials--what a joke. And now we have the show trials coming to NYC where the bad guys will put us on trial with the help of their ACLU attorneys, all at the taxpayers expense! Great, American justice at it worst!