Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Rant on Obama: The Abominable President

Our President, the leader of the free world, has bowed in subservience to both the Saudi King and the Japanese Emporer Akhito. This displayed just how weak a President that he is. By bowing to other heads of state he is signaling to the rest of the world that the U.S. is a weak nation compared to the rest of the world. I believe that Obama's policies have made us a weaker nation and susceptible to security breaches which could result in another terrorist attack.
Obama and his Democratic cronies want to take over 1/6 of our economy by having control over our health care. The Democrats in congress do not want to fix our health care accesssibility and affordability crisis in a meaningful way. They only want to have more power and control over our lives and take away our freedom and liberty. The Republicans health care reform plan does not include them or any part of the government taking over our health care equalling 1/6 of our economy. If the Dems did care about health care reform than they would have included State - Based Exchanges which includes Interstate Insurance, and tort reform to reign in frivolous medical lawsuits, but Dems have not. The Democrats do not want to and will not take care of the excessive costs caused by frivolous lawsuits because most of the Democrats out there are in the lawyers backpockets and support the Dems monetarily. The Patients’ Choice Act would give every American the opportunity to choose the health care plan that best meets their individual needs. The core concepts of the Patient Choices Act are: Emphasize Prevention, Create a Market works for patients, Guarantee Choice of Coverage Options, Insist on Fairness to Every Patient, Fairly Compensate Patient Injuries, No Tax Increases or Government Spending, Restore Accountability To Government Programs, Includes Ideas From Governors and States. The Patient Choices Act also makes sure that pre-existing conditions are covered by the insurance companies.

The Obama administration is giving $900 million to help rebuild the Gaza Strip, and help strengthen the Palestinian Authority (PA). But Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, so how in the hell is the Obama administration going to bypass Hamas to give aid to the Palestinians? The Palestinian Authority replaced the terrorist group known as the Palestinian Liberation Organization. But, the PA continues to wage war of terrorism against Israel. It seems as though the only thing that changed was the name. And, the fact that the PA is still a terrorist group means that the Obama administration is in effect aiding our enemy. This is tantamount to giving aid and comfort to our enemy. This is outrageous!!! The Obama administration's actions have shown to be anti-American in nature.
The most Anti-American decision of all is the Obama administration making the decision to try KSM in a New York City civilian courtroom. This is a slap in the face to every American, and especially all the vitims of 9/11 families. The Obama administration is endangering the lives of every American by putting on a show trial, and giving KSM a platform to spew both his hatred for America, and to promote terrorism across the world. This would not be possible if KSM was being tried by a military commission.
Well, gee... it seems that both the terrorists and the Obama administration are on a hate America campaign!



Liberty said...

"The most Anti-American decision of all is the Obama administration making the decision to try KSM in a New York City civilian courtroom. This is a slap in the face to every American, and especially all the vitims of 9/11 families. The Obama administration is endangering the lives of every American by putting on a show trial, and giving KSM a platform to spew both his hatred for America, and to promote terrorism across the world. This would not be possible if KSM was being tried by a military commission. "

I personally think that is far from the height of anti-American behavior.

What about the PATRIOT act, which completely strips us of our fourth amendment rights, and that was pushed and signed into law by Bush?

Or the Department of Homeland Security, which is a farce in any case, also put into effect by Bush?

Or how about the two wars that have killed thousands of our men and hundreds of thousands of civilians?

Those things aren't anti-American? Those things aren't evil or heinous?

I think giving Khalid a trial is a good thing. He is still a human being, no matter his crimes. But we canot give him a civilian trial unless he was read his Miranda rights on arrest- which might be a difficulty since he was arrested by Pakistani intelligence forces!

This trial will be closed to the public, from what I understand. And saying he will be a danger is far from the truth. He will be guarded so closely, he will be unable to sneeze without permission! He will not be able to orchestrate a terrorist attack.

And people have spouted anti-American rubbish before. So what? What are we afraid of? Afraid you'll hear something inconvenient? People only want to repress something when they have something to hide, or they are afraid of what someone will say. What are we afraid of?

Matt said...

Lol, "Liberty" has an ironic name.

At any rate, well said Teresa. The event is nothing more than an attempt to create a media circus in which to put the Bush administration on trial. This will take the heat off of Obama, who ironically, not done a thing to the DHS or the Patriot Act, other than to turn them against anyone who disagrees with him, which is exactly why I opposed the Patriot Act after I read it. After the Clinton administration creating enemy lists, using the IRS against people opposing them, and keeping FBI files on opponents at the White House, it was safe to assume that the next democratic administration (assumed to be Hillary at the time), would repeat these excesses. I guess that's why I've gotten so many hits on my blog from government websites.

Teresa said...

There are some things that do need to be changed about the Patriot Act but overall its a good piece of legislation because it gives all the different security agencies the capability to share information, wiretap suspected terrorists, and it gives agencies more capabilities to catch the terrorists.

Dept. of Homeland Security was needed after 9/11. I make you a bet if Bush had not taken any of the measures like instituting The Patriot Act, and had not created the Dept. Homeland Security, and we had gotten hit again by another terrorist attack you would have been one of the first individuals to say Bush should have taken these types of measures.

Wars for our self-defense, which both the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan are, are not evil. We were attacked on 9/11 and these wars are to prevent another 9/11 type of attack. The troops are giving both the Iraqis and Afghanis a chance at being free and prospering.

Listen, even liberals living in NYC are against this trial. This trial is going to make NYC a great big target for the terrorists. I am for a sensible trial which is one where KSM and others will be tried before a military commission. That is the proper way. The liberal judges and lawyers are the ones who have delayed this trial and have challenged the military commissions. If it wasn't for Holder and his gang of lawyers many terrorist trials in front of a military commission would have been completed by now.

It is unfortunate that so many soldiers have died, but they have sacrificed their lives so that we may remain a free nation.

Miranda rights is not an obligation of the military and has never been. That is why the civilian trial is so wrong. The civilian trials are wrong because a defense lawyer can force classified intelligence to be revealed. That would not be allowed at a military trial so that is why a military commission is the proper way to give KSM due justice.

I didn't say he, as in himself will be a danger. The danger is that his being in NYC right near to the 9/11 site, which is exactly what he asked for, will send a message to other terroists which will promote terrorism. The terrorists may respond to his message or his signal to them with a coordinated set of terrorist attacks anywhere in the world.

This is a lot different than just spewing anti-American garbage. This is not following the geneva Convention. This is giving the terrorists additional rights which are only afforded to citizens/civilians within the United States. He is not merely a civilian. KSM is a terrorist, or an enemy combatant captured on the battlefield. There is a big difference between KSM and a civilian that gets arrested for a civilian crime. 9/11 was an act of war.

I am still against the trial happening in NYC even if it is closed to the public beacuse it will set a dangerous precedent if we are involved in any future wars.

The Born Again American said...

Liberty, your worthless existance is owed to the fact that Bush had the cojones and sense to institute the Patriot Act and form the Department of Homeland Security...
We as Americans should wake up each and every day giving thanks to God that Al Goraphobic (I know it's spelled agoraphobic) was not the president on 9/11... His head would only now be emerging from his ass... The mockery that the DHS has become is due strictly to BO'S appointment of Janet Napolitano to head up this agency... I know first hand, because I am one those Right Wing Extremists, and all those on the left should be afraid, be very afraid...

the malcontent said...

The reality is that Barack Obama has been a marginalized president for over six months. He will be unable to sign into law any serious domestic bills. He has been tied up with his idiotic healthcare bill for over 6 months now, it this don't get passes and it looks as if it won't (lets hope it won't) Obama is going to be in a lot of trouble. The biggest indication I’ve seen so far that the ObamaCare/ReidCare/PelosiCare bill is dying swiftly is when Reid switched from debate on it to another pork-laden appropriations bill. The logical conclusion is that Reid didn’t have the 60 votes, or else he would have called for a vote on the healthcare bill.

It’s possible that he’s trying to use the appropriations bill to bribe wobbling Dems, but it’s equally likely that this pivot away from the health care bill is just because Reid can’t pass it now and it’s looking more and more like he won’t be able to at any time in the future.

BTW, please follow me to my new address

Joyful_Momma said...

Born Again American,
Nothing makes this Mama Bear madder than attacking her girl!

First I doubt seriously you are born again after using such language, especially directed toward a fifteen year old girl!

Second, my daughter's existence is not worthless! She is a wonderful, compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful young woman!! She has more sense in her little finger than you apparently have in your entire body!! She has read her Bible nearly every day, on her own with no prompting from me, since she was seven. She cares for souls and plans on being a missionary some day.

Third, the PATRIOT Act effectively strips EVERY American of their 4th Amendment rights. If you don't believe that perhaps you should actually read it! I know that Liberty has! She has probably read more news and books on politics and history in the last year than you have your entire life! Benjamin Franklin said, "Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither, and will lose both." The PATRIOT Act used the fears of people to get them to give up their liberty. And Christians have fallen for it because their dear Bush called himself a Christian and claimed to be pro-life!

Fourth, just for the record, Liberty is not a liberal. She does not support Obama. She is a Libertarian. But she does expect circumspection and honesty from herself and others.

Liberty said...

SOME things? Have you even read the actual bill? It is a terrible, terrible piece of legislation.

It gives the government the right to come into your home and arrest you for absolutely no cause except that they think you might be a terrorist. Not only you would go to jail, but anyone who harbored you- even if they didn't know you were a terrorist. Why? Because they should have known.

The PATRIOT act goes way OTT. And here's a fun trivia fact for you- it was first proposed by "Al Goraphobic" and his President friend, Bill Clinton. If it had gotten passed then?! You would have been the first to scream unconstitutional!!! But since it was Bushama 1, it's all fine and dandy!!

The Iraq war was NOT self defense. We don't even know why we went there!! It was a preemptive attack on Saddam Hussein's regime- or, at least, that's what it's turned into. Afghanistan I can see a bit more- but you already know my opinion on that one as well.

I think our fulfilling the expectations and stereotype set for us by Osama bin Laden and his cronies in invading their countries will do FAR more to send a message to the terrorists than trying Khalid in NY. Our actions fulfil every bad story the terrorists put into circulation- and it makes more moderate Muslims come around to their view.

9/11 was an act of terrorism perpetrated by an underground organization. You cannot declare war on an organization or an individual. Which I have tried to explain to you. Several times.

What is an 'enemy combatant' anyway? Don't you love how redefining something makes it something completely different?

Khalid cannot be tried in a civilian court unless he was read his Miranda rights at arrest. Which, as I said, is extremely unlikely since he was captured by Pakistani forces. But no matter where or how he is tried, I think the trial should be open, at least to the press.

Born Again-
I'm not a liberal. I am a Libertarian.

Do you even understand what the PATRIOT act does? As I explained to Teresa, it completely strips you of your fourth amendment rights. Do you really think that's OK?

Teresa said...

I said things needed to be changed in The Patriot Act, so am not A-OK with everything in it.

You actually named one of the items within the Pariot Act that needs to be changed or amended. It needs to be more specific with its guidelines. But, I do need to read The Patriot Act in more detail. But, if certain items are made less intrusive than The Patriot Act would be a much better bill than it already is.

I don't think that the Khalid Sheik Mohammed trial should be open because than that just gives him a platform to promote terrorism.

The troops have helped to rebuild infrastructure projects and helped bussiness start up and others to remain open so I don't think that the Iraq War has bred more terrorists. Maybe, at the beginning but that doesn't mean the troops mission is wrong. Our troops have killed and captured a lot of terrorists so I think that's goes in our favor into stopping the terrorists. But, if the KSM trial is open to the public that will reignite violence all over the world and further endanger our troops.

Have you only seen excerpts of The Patriot Act? Or read it in its entirety?

Enemy combatant= terrorist. I don't understand why the term was changed to that from terrorist. Sometimes I think that this administration wants to mask terrorism? Or hide from the reality of terrorism? They may understand some aspects of terrorism but why change terms?

Teresa said...

Joyful Mama,
Liberty is NOT worthless. I like debating her. Its okay that we disagree on issues. She has a lot of knowledge for being a teenager but I still don't get how she arrives at some of her positions being a libertarian. So far I have found her in agreement with liberals on more issues than with conservatives. That is how I got the impression she was a liberal. But, now I know she is a libertarian.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good night!

The Born Again American said...

Liberty, it seems I owe you an apology, not for anything I said about your views, only about your existance being worthless... I will say that I was shocked to find your young age, in all due respect, I thought most young ladies your age were too busy to get involved in anything other than Miley Cyrus... MY BAD... Tell Mama Bear "The Born Again" refers to my resurgence into what it means to be an American...

Unfortunately you will grow to find that war sometimes is a neccessary action... The only anti-American part comes when an administration doesn't do everything possible to WIN and get out, no other option is acceptable...

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Teresa..and the libs STILL defend this monstrosity!!!

Liberty said...

I read the PATRIOT act in its entirety. I need to refresh, but from what I remember of it (it was a couple years ago), there is nothing in that bill that I personally think needs to stay. It is ill structured, invades our privacy waaayyy too much, and frankly, just provides for more intrusive measures that I, as a Libertarian, cannot back.

I think the Khalid trial needs to be open because then, we can be sure that a) it's fair, and b) that no underhanded tactics are being used. However, having the public there might prove to be a big drawback- things might get out of hand. I can see that happening quite easily, in fact.

On the subject of Iraq- it is a PR issue. Al Qaeda's proclaimed main issue with us is our policy of interventionism and our killing of Muslims, along with our almost fanatical support of Israel. So we went into Iraq, and killed hundreds of thousands of their civilians, hence simply confirming their opinion of us. When everyday Muslims see that our actions line up with what al Qaeda is saying about us, al Qaeda gains a PR victory, if nothing else.

Actually, our troops haven't caught very many terrorists. Many of the men in Gitmo and the CIA black sites were caught either by the CIA or Pakistani, and occasionally Egyptian, forces.

The reason 'Muslim soldier' was changed to 'enemy combatant' is so that we can hide from the fact that we're holding men without giving them even the benefit of a military hearing, or without adequate evidence. But that's what we're doing, regardless of what we dress it up to be.

I think the fact that I'm not conservative can be explained by the fact that...I'm not conservative. Nor am I liberal. I am a libertarian/constitutionalist. I do tend to agree with the liberals on some issues, like the war or our 'war on terror', but I definitely don't agree with them on welfare or healthcare.

Born Again- Mama Bear is pacified. LOL Miley Cyrus is a....:P

I understand that war is sometimes needed. Definitely. But I don't think an unjustified, undeclared war like Iraq and Afghanistan is right. And the fact that we went in with no clear goal, no game plan, means we can't win. We're just...there.

Ron Russell said...

Frankly Teresa I am sick of this Obamacare debate. The truth is simple not one fu**ing American has any idea on what this bill would do. The one thing I do know about this bill is thats its too damn big and too much of a sweeping change. We do need change, but this should come in steps and not all at once with something no one can get their arms around.

As for money for the Gaza strip thats easy---screw the PA, they don't even have any power there and even if they did, these people all support sucide bombers and the destruction of Israel. Not one red cent for these bastards.

commoncents said...

Great Post Teresa!

Keep up the awesome work! Your blog rocks!!!!!!!

Common Cents

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

MOMMY DEAREST, your daughter is very lucky to have this platform to speak from. Liberty and Teresa speak from two VERY different points of view. One believes that conservative government and war are evil and the other believes they are necessary.

If Liberty jumps into a bee hive she's going to get some stings. I myself didn't know she was 15 until you stated so. Maybe born again would have curbed himself a little, but I hope not. These are challenging times and all of us get a little carried away.

If you're going to allow her to jump into something like this, then let her finish it on her own.

And as far as my views ... sometimes I like to let Teresa say them for me.

the malcontent said...

I pity the fools who place their faith in the weasel in the first place. But has any of them admitted that they were wring?

Liberty said...

Odie- it isn't that I think conservative government is evil. I just think they could do some things better. Neither do I think liberal government is evil. I just think they could do some things better.

And my mom sometimes gets...over zealous. LOL

Teresa said...

I have started reading the PATRIOT ACT in more detail, and so far I have no problem with the State's various agencies being reinbursed with federal funds for their work related to terrorism. It also states that no violence should be promoted against Muslims that are living here and following the rules within our society. Those two things I agree with. That's just so far, though.

With the Iraq War, Since the soldiers have helped the Iraqis gain freedom, and if they can help them sustain development and increase development economically so that they can prosper than it is much less likely that terrorists will arise since we are helping them succeed in life. Their new government is working so far, and if it stays in place and is not corrupt like Saddam's dictatorship was, that will be a great accomplishment. He ignored and violated 18 U.N. resolutions and that is part of the reason U.S. troops went into Iraq.

NEVER in history has one of our enemies' soldiers who have been captured on a battlefield been tried in a civil court. This does not follow the Geneva Convention. This does not follow the military's rules for trying our enemy who have been captured. This will set a dangerous precedent for future wars (hopefully none are needed). Our soldiers should not have to worry about reading our enemy their miranda rights which is not an International military right. That is an civilian right within the United States. Why should the U.S. be giving the terrorists more rights than they are entitled to?
In a military trial, terrorists are not required to be read there rights and a military trial follows the protocols of war. In a civilian court since KSM was not mirandized in accordance with civian laws, all his confessions would be thrown out. And, That is why I am for a military trial for KSM and terrorists.

But, I am planning to do a more in-depth post on this subject.

RightKlik said...

Hey Liberty...wasn't Obama supposed to have rolled back the Patriot Act by now?

He hasn't.

Wasn't Obama supposed to try to wind down the war in Afghanistan rather than escalate it?

By your standards, Obama is just as evil as GWB if not more.

P.S. you have a very strange name for someone who defends an authoritarian statitist.

Amusing Bunni said...

Teresa, This is a great post, and Rant!
You sure have done your homework. You know more about how awful this pResident is than all the morons who voted for him. And he has the nerve to grade himself a B+??? WTF, that shows he is insane and should just go away. Thanks for writing this, your well thought out points should be required reading to all libtards who still think this bum is any good!

Liberty said...

Teresa- I understand there are certain good things in the act. I definitely do not condone violence against Muslims- that's just wrong. But I don't think the benefits outweigh the risks and just plain bad stuff in it, either.

RightKlik- I am not a liberal. I do not support Obama. I merely defend him when I see people being unfair to him. It is the same reason I defended Bush when someone was blasting him for something dumb. I defended McCain for the same reason.

I defend people when I see them being wrongly accused. That is not right. It totally agree that Obama has broken many campaign promises. And you can go to my blog (Teenage Politics) and see plenty of my snarking at him.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Liberty, You're half right. Liberal government is evil. They are too controlling, and don't trust us to be self-determining. That is what this country is all about. If you read your Bill of Rights, you will see the founders didn't trust government. The liberals are doing everything they can to thwart the Bill of Rights, and that includes lying to the American people.

It sounds to me as though you may have been taught to look at life through rose colored glasses. It's OK to be suspicious. In that way you may ask the right questions.

Liberty said...

Odie- The Republican party, at least at the national level, is just as corrupt as the Democrats.

What about the PATRIOT act? That didn't do much for our rights outlined in said Bill of Rights. Each and every Republican (except for people like Ron Paul) voted for the bailouts- at least, they did when Bush was pushing them.

I am leery of both major party, as well as pretty much any political party. I think they all have the potential to take advantage of people- like the Republicans and Democrats are both doing.

I do not look at the world through rose colored glasses. But it appears that you may, at least where the Republican party is concerned.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Liberty, I will end it here with this if you don't mind. You sound really hung up on the Patriot Act. I will admit to you I have not read it, and nor do I intend to. I do however think it is the reason we are enjoying our lives in relative safety from terrorists attacks.

I am not a Republican. I am more of a conservative than anything. There are bad people in Washington from both parties. I do however believe that the liberals will do and say anything, INCLUDING LIE, to win a vote or argument. The news media will help them in their endeavor also.

I've enjoyed our banter and have all of the faith in the world about your future success.