Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tea-Party Explosion: Planning March on White House on April 15, 2010

Our President, the Democrats and RINOS are disenfranchising the patriotic citizens of this country. They are ignoring us. We must make ourselves be heard. We must make it impossible for our politicians to ignore us. Our politicians' job is to represent the people and their wishes, and they aren't now, and haven't been for a long while. But, now the Democrats have made it more apparent and up in your face with not even caring if this health care bill violates the Constitution. If this bill is passed I hope every patriotic American out there vows to peacefully protest in the streets of America just like Martin Luther King Jr, and to participate in civil disobediance since this piece of legislation clearly violates the Constitution and all that the this country was founded on - Life, Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness. Since these politicians are hell-bent on ignoring their constituents they must be removed from office next election. As a Tea Party attendee in both D.C. and locally I hope to be able to attend the Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th, 2010. Please I hope everyone can make it a priority to attend the Tax Day Tea Party on April 15, 2010.

Here is an article by Chelsea Schilling of WorldNetDaily:

After marching on Capitol Hill with little positive response from lawmakers, America's tea-party movement is now putting President Obama himself on notice.

The movement is regrouping, planning a march on the White House and premiering a new documentary tonight at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington, D.C.

FreedomWorks is partnering with the American Liberty Alliance and several other groups to launch a massive Tax Day tea party at the White House Ellipse on April 15, 2010.
"We're delivering this one right to the White House," Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks said. "It could spill out over into the Washington Monument, so it'll be a hell of a visual."
The movie, "Tea Party: The Documentary Film," produced by Luke Livingston, follows the nationwide surge of civic engagement from its beginnings as grass-roots citizens take a stand against big government. FreedomWorks is hosting the film's premiere in the nation's capitol tonight, and several lawmakers are expected to attend.
FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe told WND Livingston attended many of the tea parties and decided to make a movie about his experiences with average American citizens who took time away from their careers and busy lives to make their voices heard.
"It's from his perspective and the people he got to know along the way," Kibbe said. "They were all sort of non-participants in the political process up to that point."

The following is a trailer for the film:

According to the film website, the documentary follows several citizens, including Nate, a young black man from Detroit, Mich., who voted for Obama.

"Nate voted for Obama because he was so frustrated with the Bush administration," Kibbe explained. "The movie captures his transition from a voter who was proud to see the first black president to a man who has buyer's remorse and becomes an active defender of the Constitution and limited government."
Send Congress a message – no government health care, or you're outta there – through WND's exclusive "Send Congress a Pink Slip" campaign!
Another character, Jack, is a father of two young children, a little league baseball coach and a health insurance agent who risks losing his job under current health-care reform. As the film website explains,
"He is a Democrat turned constitutionalist and the younger brother of a Vietnam veteran who is marching for his children and the future of the America he believes in."
William is described as "patriot renaissance man, a pastor, colonial re-enactor, painter, poet, Vietnam veteran, former Pentagon and Secret Service employee and a man of the march." CONTINUED

Here as an absolutely wonderful video by the rapper Hi Caliber:

Now, I am not into rap one bit, but I would love to support a rapper who is so patriotic and cares so much about America.

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Ron Russell said...

Sometimes I think civil disobediance is the only route to go. I can see sit ins at the capital cafeteria and lay ins at the Senate cloakrooms. Maybe then, just maybe the MSM would take note. They seem to like such things, at least when those on the left get arrested by racist pigs. You get my drift!