Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Politically Motivated Attack- Brick Hurled Through GOP Office Window in Michigan

A brick was thrown through the window of the “Fix Michigan Center” in Genoa Township over the weekend in what they are calling “politically-motivated violence.”
A brick smashed through the office today of the Michigan Republican Party in Howell. reported:

A brick hurled through the window of the Michigan Republican Party’s office in Howell has the words ”Long Live the USA” and “God Bless the USA” scrawled on it, according to Livingston County Sheriff’s investigators.

The vandalism was discovered this morning by staff at the GOP’s Fix Michigan Center office, according to state GOP spokesperson Jennifer Hoff. No one was injured when the large, storefront window was smashed, she said. The office is located in a strip mall on Grand River Avenue, the main drag through Howell.

Michigan Republican Party Chief of Staff Josh Venable called it a politically motivated act.

“This type of reckless vandalism has no place in our democracy. While those who oppose us have resorted to throwing bricks, Michigan Republicans remain steadfast in our mission to fix Michigan,” Venable said in prepared statement.

The violent incidents that have been perpatrated against GOP member's offices is despicable. And, the fact that the MSM have not covered these attacks is despicable and displays a lack of ethics by them as well.  The MSM is aiding the Democratic Party in their blatant cover ups of newsworthy stories.  
H/T Gateway Pundit


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa, Happy Holy Week!

It's a shame this most solemn time of year has to be marred by all this violence and horror.
We can't expect the MSM to report this, they only like made up lies about "wild" tea partiers.

Have a great and relaxing night.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Call names and throw stones ... that's the best they have ? BRING IT ON !!!

Soloman said...

I agree with your last paragraph.

I am confident that we on the right condemn all the violence and threats, whereas it seems the media and the leftists revel in trying to associate the right with anything, and give no credence to events that take place at right-leaning events or locations.

This will all come back to haunt them someday, somehow.

Malcolm said...

First, in regards to our debate on one of your other posts, I want to say that I am glad we were able to come to an understanding via email.

Before I respond, I have a few questions. What is your definition of the MSM? Do you consider the Fox News Channel part of the MSM? If not, why?

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,
Happy Holy Week! Jesus put up with false attacks and here we are putting up with the MSM making false attacks on us Tea Partiers also.

Have a relaxing week!

Teresa said...

Unfortunately dang blogger has a mind of its own and didn't post Malcolm's comment. This is from Malcolm: First, in regards to our debate on one of your other posts, I want to say that I am glad we were able to come to an understanding via email.

Before I respond, I have a few questions. What is your definition of the MSM? Do you consider the Fox News Channel part of the MSM? If not, why?

Teresa said...

It sure does seem that way. Their tactics probably will come back to haunt them one day.

Teresa said...

I consider the MSM the media that has been around for years. Plus, it is not only liberal leaning but their ideology gets in the way of their lack of coverage of alot of news items, or their extended (too much) coverage which gives undeserved credence to not so news worthy stories which doesn't have credible evidence to back the stories claims up. Plus, they only give certain groups respect.

I don't consider Fox News to be a part of MSM because they try (whenever people from both sides are willing to come on an appear which is more often than not) to give both sides of the story. Yes, it does have a conservative slant but they treat all groups as equals and don't paint one particular group as good or bad. They don't change the story just to make Obama look good. They don't hide stories just to make Obama look good. But, they don't go out of their way to make him look bad either. They report the facts, and have one person defend him and another say why they're critical of him or his policies. Plus, they commentators are respectful to people on both sides of the aisle.

Plus, the MSM doesn't usually have true conservatives defending the GOP or conservative side.

Malcolm said...

Thank you for answering my questions Teresa. As you can guess, my view of Fox is completely different than yours. I will add that I do consider them part of the MSM. To me, if you are #1 in the ratings (as Fox and many of its viewers constantly remind people that they are) that makes you a member of the MSM.

Although I didn't see the Howell story get widespread coverage, I know for a fact that MSNBC did cover the vandalism that occurred at a GOP office in VA. They also gave major airtime (as they should) to both Eric Cantor stories: the campaign office incident (which turned out to be random gunfire) and the death threats made against him and his family. Since I mainly watch MSNBC and Fox, I can't say whether or not CNN or the broadcast networks have covered these as well.

One of the reasons I watch various news channels is because I like getting various perspectives on current events. I have seen stories covered by MSNBC that Fox didn't touch and vice versa. Although some channels/networks are better than others, none of their hands are completely clean when it comes to covering the news.

Teresa said...

I actually follow stories online moreso than on the TV. I have found some interesting stories on CNN online. Maybe, it would be more apt to say MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS are members of the Left Stream media, and used to be in the MSM, whereas Fox nowadays is moreso a member of the MSM since they are #1 in the ratings?

I do agree that the different media outlets cover different stories and sometimes cover stories at different lengths.

I am glad that we were able to come to an understanding via email also.