Thursday, March 25, 2010

Does Obamacare Signal U.S. Empire Decline?


Liberty said...

Since when has the status of empire been a good thing? ^.^

For my part, I find it sad that that is the way other countries view us...if there was ever one thing our Republic was intended not to be, it was an empire.


We are certainly on the decline.

Teresa said...

IMO it seems like he is using the term empire very loosely. I believe that he is putting more weight on the economics in referring to the decline of the United States which could result in it affecting the political system also and possibly leaving it in disarray.

IMO, I think he is referring to the influence that the United States has around the world. Are we losing the kind of influence that we used to have around the world? Is the East going to rise to power like the U.S. did and replace our influence with theirs?

Personally, I think that China depends on us to buy their goods so I don't see them rising to the top as an empire without us. If we fail as an empire they probably will too.

Teresa said...

I agree. We must reverse course.