Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have decided to start Eagle Freedom Links  which will spotlight links from various blog posts, articles, videos, cartoons, photos, and comics that defend America, citizens' freedoms including, life, liberty, religion, pursuit of happiness, promotes conservative values, and adhering to the Constitution.


Always On Watch posted startling information on Obama's Muslim Prayer Partner.

If you are in need of some humor you can look to Amusing Bunni's Musings for the The Golfing Doggy.

At the Conservative Perspective he shows us about the Federal Land Grab.

Nickie Goomba posted T F Stern's Rantings on our Republic Being Slaughtered by Democrats.

Eye of Polyphemus names Stupak's Pro-Life Dozen.

Fuzzy Logic rants about Simple Solutions to Complex Problems.

MAINFO tells us Don't Mess With Texas's Textbooks.

My Thoughts On Freedom tells how Minnesotans Rally to "Kill the Bill."

Talk Wisdom Gives us some insight into the Mellennium and Mellenialism Views.

TOTUS poses the question: Are Toy Guns Covered by the Second Amendment.

The Conservative Lady celebrates the Anniversary of the 9-12 Project.

At the American Thinker You can see Obama Through the Looking Glass.

At the Wall Street Journal  Michael Barone Questions Whether Pelosi Can Get the Votes.


Bungalow Bill said...

I know I should try to start one of these pages like this, but I am so unorganized and scattered brain. Maybe I should keep a notes list in Outlook to pull it off.

Teresa said...

I totally understand. I've been meaning to do this for awhile. I figure every couple/few days I will highlight different blog posts and articles.

Chris W said...

Good idea and thanks for the linkage Teresa.

Like Bill I'm way to unorganized to pull this off. Everything is spur of the moment with me.

Opus #6 said...

Very sweet of you to do this. I know these posts take extra time and effort.

cube said...

Good post. So many good blogs, so little time.

I did want to bring up one point... does anyone else find it telling that Obama is traveling to the largest Muslim-majority country in the world during Easter break? I'm just saying...

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa!
This is a great idea and a very nice post.
Thank you for including me! I'm happy the doggie
gave you a smile!