Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DEMON PASS - by Guest blogger Kevin Rice (The Naked Ontologist)

by Kevin T. Rice, The Naked Ontologist, guest blogger for teresamerica 

Nancy Pelosi and the Demo-s in the House are "exploring" a new "strategy" (translation: plotting a new naked power grab) - "Deem And Pass". Say it six (not 666) times fast: deemandpass deeman'pass deem'n'pass deemnpass deemonpass demonpass. Under this Demon Pass Scenario, the House Demoncrats will deem the Senate Health Care Bill to have passed the House. That way, even though it isn't so, they can lie and, by the act of lying, make it "true". That's how things work in hell - this is a diabolical mocking reversal of how God is Biblically depicted as having created real things by declaring them to exist. When the government imports a "strategy" from Satan, they should consider the source and what their imitation implies about them.

Is this genuine? Are they serious? Are they being honest here? Are they that desperate? This is so blatantly and obviously unconstitutional that I can't help but wonder - is the real strategy not one that they are contemplating, but one that they are actually attempting right now? Is it in operation even as I write about it? Is the strategy that they are "exploring" not so much the use of Demon Pass, but the making public of such a possibility to mold public opinion to their liking? Is this a feint?

By now the reader is wondering, "How could this be a PR move? It is obviously going to make us even more outraged than we were before!"

Yes, and maybe that is the point. Think back to when you were a kid. If you were a clever kid and you wanted to get your parents in the proper state of mind to consider something that they were bound to judge as very undesirable or bad, you would prime them by implying something much worse - get them to imagine or believe something really terrible, and then let them off the hook by revealing that it wasn't as bad as all that, it was only --such and such--. It was about getting THEm to think of --such and such-- as ONLY --such and such--. It's ONLY an overnight trip...It's ONLY one D (instead of three F's). It's ONLY reconciliation (nuclear option), not demon pass.
Is this an attempt to get us to think of Reconciliation (the nuclear option) in a different way - not as the Naked Power Grab that Joe Biden rightly labelled it as when the Republicans were trying it under Bush, but as "ONLY Reconciliation ". Is this a way to get us to heave a sigh of relief and say "Whew! At least there was a majoritarian vote. At least it was SOMEWHAT constitutional."
Or is this merely the first hit in a one-two punch assault intended to K.O. the constitution? If they can't get a majority vote in the House any other way, will they use Demon Pass, and THEN use the nuclear option to seal the deal?


commoncents said...

Love your page! Keep up the great work!!

Common Cents

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Opus #6 said...

Kevin, great piece. Teresa, good guest choice.

These people are SO desperate. They will not take NO for an answer. But I think they will have to. This is so blatant and disgusting. I would say unbelievable, but I completely believe it, coming from them.

Archbishop said...

If this health care crap gets past and signed into law, WE THE PEOPLE MUST rise up and move heaven and earth to clean out this present Congress and elect only those who WILL have the moral fortitude to repeal it and every other piece of unconstitutional legislation passed by this Congress and signed into by Obama, and to repeal ALL unconstitutional laws put into place by all previous administrations.

Those that constantly tell us that it will either take years to repeal the health care bill or that once it is signed into law it CANNOT be undone, are full of S^*t!

Besides, the sooner it is repealed the easier since it won't really kick in for a few years, even though the tax increases will take place immediately.

Also, WE MUST DEMAND that as soon as a new Congress is seated, they take immediate action to IMPEACH Obama on grounds of blatant violations of the U.S. Constitution, violation of his oath of office and crimes against the American people by attempting to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Maggie Thornton said...

Deem and Pass = DemonPass! Nice!

If the goal is to outrage, it is certainly working but those of us out here needing to enforce our "authoritarian" privilege, are not amused.

I do think by lying they are trying to make it true, as you posit. Unfortunately, they have the people's ear, and we know what they are doing. They have underestimated us.

They do not care about freedom. They care only about power - which is their definition of power - their freedom, not ours.

Good article. Thanks.

Matt said...

I think everyone is understanding that this is a powergrab, nothing more. Why otherwise go against overwhelming public opinion?

Ron Russell said...

Sounds like the demons are getting desperate and beginning to grasp at straws. The clock is ticking on ObamaCare and the issue should be settled this time next week.

John Carey said...

I'm glad they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar with this unconstitutional procedure. The more people talk/write about this issue, the harder it becomes for them to use it. Keep the phones lines burning! They are starting to feel the heat.

Just a conservative girl said...

did stop by your congressman's office and left cupcakes for the solid no vote, and stopped by the other office you asked as well.

I also did leave your blog address to your congressman.

Take care and have a good night.

Anonymous said...

How is it that no one understands that the dems in power don't want this bill either?! They gave up on it from the beginning, by surrendering any real reform in the darn thing before a shot was even fired by the repubs. The left just have to posture themselves as if they really support it. It's so simple that it is easily overlooked. Why else would they be hyping the gloom and doom procedural nicknames: "slaughter" and "demon pass" other than to evoke this kind of outrage from the right? Up is down and black is white. We ought to outlaw insurance altogether, cap salaries and prices on goods/services, eliminate credit scoring, tax at a flat rate, eat more vegetables, and never, ever pass an individual mandate!

cube said...

Demon Pass. Very clever. There should be a special circle in Hell for those who foist this insanity on our country.