Friday, March 26, 2010

Both Raymond Arroyo & Michael Voris on Culture Wars Within Catholic Church

This is about the culture wars within the Catholic Church. They are focusing on the nuns and organizations who have been and still are dissenting from Catholic Church's teachings. They are misrepresenting the Church and what is exactly in Obamacare, which is now a health care law.


Christopher said...

Teresa, I must say I did not watch the video yet. I think you may know why as I am a former Catholic but remain a stedfast Christian.

I will watch it but before I do, I being raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and with my parents approval (postumously) I can confidently decry and in utter disapproval declare the Sisters on the wrong side of God whom they declars to serve - WRONG.

Christopher said...

OK, Now I am Mad! Did not Jesus Christ himself rail against money-changers?

I tell ya I am more pissed-off than before.

First thing tomorrow I am going to my former Church and demand a meeting with the Pastor!

Afterwards, with his knowledge I will take the message to the comunity. The Convent will be invited to talk as wel, but better be able to defend without total anarchy within.