Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Michigan 6-Year-Old Suspended From School For Making Gun With His Hand -- Nanny-Dumb???

According to Fox News there was a 6-year-old student that was suspended from a Michigan School for making a gun with his hand. This is utterly ridiculous! It seems as though Nanny-Dumb has permeated through Michigan’s public schools.

While I disagree with the severity of the punishment the child was explicitly told by both his parents and his teacher multiple times to stop making his hand into the shape of a gun during class. Since the child didn’t listen to his teacher, I do believe that he needed to be punished in some fashion, but suspending the kid is way overboard and overkill in my opinion. I think that the boy was just fooling around during class time.

If this wasn’t done during school hours I would just think that this child was being creative(within reason), or a little boy having fun. I don’t think that this boy made this gesture out of malice.

He was suspended from school because both his classmates and his teacher were uncomfortable with him making his fist into the shape of a gun. Would these same students and this particular teacher be uncomfortable if there was a student who was deaf that used sign language? Should we really be letting people who are uncomfortable dictate when students are suspended? I am not saying the child shouldn’t be punished at all, but it seems like suspending the 6-year-old was not called for either.

I just think that this whole situation displays clearly that common sense was not used by the school in handling this situation. It sure seems like the State of Michigan, and its public school systems have established and are promoting a Nanny-Dumb, or a nanny state.

From Fox News:
A Michigan boy reportedly has been suspended from school for curling his hand into the shape of a gun and pointing it at another student.

Erin Jammer, said her son, Mason, was just playing around when he made the gesture Wednesday, the Grand Rapids Press reported.

"I do think it's harsh for a six-year-old. He's six and he just likes to play. Maybe what you could do is take his recess away. He's only six and he doesn't understand any of this," Erin Jammer said.

But officials at Jefferson Elementary School said the behavior made other students uncomfortable, and they suspended Mason for the remainder of the week, the paper reported.

School officials also told the paper that Mason had been warned repeatedly against pretending to aim his hand at students but continued the behavior over several months.

Jammer told the paper her son isn't violent and doesn’t have toy guns at home. She suggested a less harsh punishment, like taking Mason’s recess away, might be more effective in teaching him not to make a gun with his hand.

"He's only six and he doesn't understand any of this," she said.


Ron Russell said...

Talk about extremism. Progressive do not like anything to do with guns and I suspect the mere drawing of the image is frowned on and forbidden. And schools like this are leading the way in taking prayer and past American heros out of the classroom. This was an over-reaction to absolutely nothing.

Opus #6 said...

One of my 5 boys is 6-years-old. Suspension is too harsh for this. Although boys need to learn respect for authority. That is why my sons are in martial arts.

The Conservative Lady said...

More PC crap. Suspending a 6 year old boy just gave him a vacation from school. Big deal.
Now if the parents repeatedly told the kid to stop doing it in school and he disobeyed, a smack on the rump would be much more effective...of course until the police came and arrested the parents for child abuse.

Chicago Ray said...

Thanks I missed this story!

This is dumber than dumb, and think that all this is because 19 MuSlimes hijacked some airplanes, and a few other defective nimrods go apeshi& inside their schools.

Sadly we now know we can't expect the people that run the schools to make reasonable decisions because they're all liberal loons, for the most part.

And as a result today's students are uneducated going in, even more Stupid when they get out, since they're not learning, they're instead being pumped full of 13 years of liberal revisionist history and outright lies.

cube said...

I think suspending a 6 year old for this is much too harsh. It reminds me of the little boy who was punished (or suspended, I don't remember) for drawing a picture of a gun. Nanny state over-regulation.

innominatus said...

Maybe he was using the wrong finger for his barrel! But either way, this is nonsense. It is just school staff who don't want to do their job - they create ridiculous "zero tolerance" policies so they can get away with "zero reasonable thought" when dealing with these so-called violations.

Rotti said...

I catch myself doing that sometimes, when I think of certain unwanted people. I wonder what my punishment will be.

thanks for posting that Terese, I missed that (living in MI) and will crosspost to my MIsite H/T to you.

Maggie Thornton said...

I can't imagine having a son who is told over and over and over by both parents and teachers to stop an activity, and then the boy continues any way...over and over. What's wrong with this picture? A 6-year old should not know he can get away with this.

I agree that suspension is too harsh, or maybe just the wrong solution. This boy should have some fear of his parents and his teachers - fear in a healthy way - like fearing that he will disappoint those who love him.

Opus has a good thought. This boy needs to be in martial arts where he will learn to respect authority.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

My God, all of these little kids playing "Bang, Bang, Your Dead!" It is just too frightening. Every time I come across a bunch of little kids play pretend games that include hands in the form of a gun or "Nurf Gun" (and this includes my grandkids) I have to dig a fox hole and hold out until it is safe.

B.S., I join right in with them and have fun doing it.