Monday, March 22, 2010

Historic Speech by John Boehner on Bloody Sunday

Democrats VOTE YES and ignore the will of the people.


Anonymous said...

The new health care law provides
tax credits to small businesses to make employee coverage more affordable.

Mr. Boehner and the Republicans wish to repeal this.

cube said...

It was a great speech, but too little, too late. I'm madder than a wet hen today that we have allowed this to happen. Once the illegals are awarded amnesty, the libs will have the November elections in the bag. We are looking at an uphill slog and a half to turn this boondoggle around now, if ever.

The Conservative Lady said...

Boehner and Ryan gave wonderful speeches, too bad they fell on deaf Democrat ears.
We have a big job ahead of us. Repeal this terrible bill and stop Obama from getting amnesty passed.

The_Kid said...

Pure Evil by the Dems.

Anon - when you can't get decent health care in the future, it won't be because of who is in the White House at that moment, it will be because of obama - pelosi and the rest of the democrats who passed this fascist piece of garbage last night. Remember that.

Opus #6 said...

Kid, exactly. Anony-wuss wants to steal other men's bread. Well, docs can leave to get real jobs somewhere else. I hope he knows how to do his own bathroom surgery. Maybe a little vodka will keep him from getting an infection....

The_Kid said...

Opus, Yes, the part the libs always screw up is thinking productive members of society will continue to be productive when all the incentive is removed.

They're in for a real 'treat'. ;-)

Ron Russell said...

I watch Boehner as he gave that speech, he should have been using that tone long ago. As Cube said it was a great speech and I for one enjoyed every word.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out why tax credits to small businesses to help them purchase health insurance for their employees will cause doctors to move to foreign countries. And I don't understand by what conception of democracy a piece of legislation enacted by a majority vote of one house of Congress and a supermajority vote of another house of Congress can possibly be called "fascist."

Teresa said...

Its fascist when you force people to buy a good or be fined and jailed. It is fascism when the Democrats ignore the 80% of Americans that wanted this piece of crap health care bill flushed down the toilet. Hey, when I have a liberal neighbor and I agreeing that this bill is crap and that the negatives far surpass the few positives in the bill than that is really saying something. Obama forced his tyrannical bill upon Americans and shoved it down the majority of Americans throats who don't like this bill just so he could have a bill, any bill, regardless of what the hell is in it. He passed an evil bill and this is proof that the Democrats and Obama are the evil from within who we must stop before they screw up America anymore than they already have.

The_Kid said...

Anon, There is at least 60% opposition to it. No presidential election was ever won by one candidate having 60% of the votes. For perspective.

Not one politician who isn't a democrat voted for it, not even a Rino, such as Olympia Snowe.

The democrat majority had to Bribe many of their members to vote for it. Many of them were bribed to the point that they don't care if they are re-elected and plan not to be. Remember congress members get special health care for the rest of their lives.

It was passed against the over-whelming will of the American voters.

Many of it's poison elements such as people paying extra tax because they have 'Cadillac' health care plans are exempted to the union members. Why is a non-union member exempt from a tax that their Exact non-union counterpart would pay.

Add this up and That is Fascist.
Be honest with yourself and ponder what the climate would be among liberals if the Bush administration had passed this with not ONE democrat politician vote.

Again, if this stands you will pay a lot more for health care in the future and get a lot less. And don't forget to add in all the taxes that you will pay as you buy products or services. Those hidden costs liberals have so much recognizing. Add in taxes 'on the rich' that are always passed on to the middle class.

Game, set, match. That's my last comment to you on health care if you come back and claim to not understand what I just calmly wrote to a person asking a question.

PS - Why would doctors leave? 1.) go ask them. 40% plan to leave their practice by the time this is implemented. Are they leaving the country? I think most of them are retiring. and 2.) Ask yourself if you're willing to go to university and work your ass off for 8 years plus internship for 4 more just to have some government hack tell you where - when and how you're going to deliver health care to your assigned patients and how much you're going to make.

These are some of the non-debatable arguments that have been put forth over the last year while the Fascists have worked to force socialized medicine down our throats. If this is new information to you, you really need to flip the switch a lot sooner in the game.

The_Kid said...

That would be 'union member exempt from a tax that the non-union....'

Anonymous said...

1. I am surprised that people believe that it is "fascist" for a representative to vote based on his or her belief as to what is right for the country, regardless of what the polls say. I always thought our representatives were elected in order to exercise their judgment. That's what Burke, the greatest conservative of all, said they should do.
2. Of course, it could be that 279 members of Congress were "bribed." But the evidence of bribery seems kind of thin.
3. The National Journal's aggregation of poll data shows that that 50% of Americans oppose the bill,43% support it. That doesn't seem like much of a deficit. And a significant percentage of the opposition comes from liberals who don't think the bill is liberal enough because it dropped the public option and has abortion restrictions.
4. The idea that 405 of doctors will, for some unexplained reason, walk off their jobs once the President signs the bill into law is preposterous, and the purported poll of doctors is a fiction.
5. I didn't think the individual health insurance mandate was a fascistic idea when Mitt Romney implemented it in Massachusetts and when conservatives such as Hugh Hewett touted it. But perhaps I'm biased since, inexplicably, I don't find it fascistic that the government has an individual auto insurance mandate.

The_Kid said...

I always thought our representatives were elected in order to exercise their judgment.

We have found the fatal flaw in your belief system.

Representatives are there to represent the will of their constituency. Notice the repetition of the word Represent.

You may have noticed, or not, that Massachusetts voters elected for the first time in many decades - a Republican - Scott Brown, based on his singular statement that he would be the 41st vote Against national health care. They voted for an obstructionist because they've been living with the Mitt Romney RINO nightmare of government health care for just a short time but found it so distasteful they actually put forth the effort to try to save the rest of us from this nightmare.

You're either supremely ignorant, which simply means lacking knowledge or facts, or you are so in the tank for the obama and crew you are blind to reality. Either way, my fingers have given you enough time. Enjoy asking a reasonable facsimile of pelosi if you can have health care at some point in the future, when you are older, hopefully a lot more informed and are actually in need of health care yourself.

We've been warning you folks for a couple years about this now, and "no comprende Senor or Senoras" as the case may be. So be it. Elections have consequences. Decisions have consequences.

Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

to "the kid": you should read Burke's speech to the Electors of Bristol.

The_Kid said...

To "ANON" Why hide behind an anonymous handle?

Anyway, Why in the F would I give a rats ass what Burke has to say - to people in Bristol for God's sake.

Start by learning how government is supposed to work and what the responsibilities are of the elected legislators.

The fact that you trust politician with your life and something so intimate as personal health care tells me all I need to know about your bead on reality.

nyp said...

here is something I've never been able to figure out: why is the handle "anonymous" more anonymous than the handle "the kid"?

P.S.: If you were a Congressman, and a poll showed that a large majority of the people in your district supported health care reform, would it be fascist to vote against it?

The_Kid said...

nyp. Liberals just aren't very bright are they.

Well, 'The Kid' is not anonymous at all. You can click on it and come to my blog and read all about me.
You can Google 'The Kid' and see what I've written all over the blog-o-sphere and elsewhere and know that all of those words belong to me.

Are you startin ta see the difference now ?

2.) If I were a congressman, and the majority of my constituents did not support this HC 'reform', it would be my duty to vote against it, or if the majority were for it, vote For it. It's really quite simple.

The_Kid said...

nyp - I have a little time here.

I assume you are either Anon, or are trying to reinforce his/her position that we put congress people in place and truest them to make decisions like this for us.

How about Corrine Brown Are you happy she's making a decision for you about something as critical to your DAILY freedom, happiness and liberty as health care?
There are a Bunch like her in congress. One just checked out not long ago. Cynthia McKinney, AKA Buckwheat. She's a real super friggin Genius too.

But let's cut to the chase. How about the Speaker of the House. Third in line to sit in the White House. Here is Her Very Own Website Bio

She graduated from Trinity college in 1962 and went straight into politics. Since she doesn't mention what her major was, we can assume it must be embarrassing. She doesn't list any sort of professional career, so we can assume she's never even held a freakin job. Now there's someone who can relate to you eh?

Personally I wouldn't trust her to work the french fry bin at McDonalds, let alone trust her to
make a decision for me about something as critical to my DAILY freedom, happiness and liberty as health care.

How about #2, Joe "This is a Big F*g Deal" Biden. In the Senate at 23. Think he's ever done anything productive in his life?

How about # 1 - Barak "went to Harvard under the affirmative action program and no doubt "graduated" with a C grade average since he won't release any of his school records" Obama.

Oh well, Liberalism truly is a mental disease isn't it. Wouldn't you agree?