Thursday, March 4, 2010

We The People: A Message to President Obama

H/T goes to A Patriotic Rottweiler


John Carey said...

Very good video Teresa. I really enjoyed

Teresa said...

My pleasure to spread the word. Glad you enjoyed the video.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Barking Spider said...

That's telling the bastard! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good video, just wish the folks up in DC were listening. Cause I got a thought they are not.

Opus #6 said...

Excellent vid!

Maggie Thornton said...

"The desire for freedom is written on person's heart."

How true, and for that reason, why are we tolerating Islam?

Great video! I think most of us never get tired of hearing the truth, when we are so constantly inundated with lies.