Saturday, March 20, 2010

Liberal CHA & Liberal Nuns Lead Catholic Flock Astray

The Senate Bill does not contain the anti-abortion language that the House Bill contains in it. The House Bill makes it crystal clear-100% guaranteed that no federal funds or taxpayer monies would be used for abortions- and the Senate version does not and leaves wiggle room for Democrats to sneak in federal funding of abortion. R. Keehan, CHA, and nuns. The flock must be more attentive, and faithful in its adhering to the Church’s Magisterium and its teachings instead of being blind followers of “Catholic” organizations and “Catholic” nuns that may or may not have there best interests at heart and seem to be leading their flock astray. There continues to be a Holy War of words within the Catholic Community as to whether the language in the Senate Health Care Bill allows for the federal funding of abortions or not.

“The White House has touted the support of a group of liberal Catholic nuns in an effort to win over conservative House Democrats who believe the final health care bill they will vote on contains restrictions on abortion funding that they and Catholic bishops say don't go far enough.

“On Saturday, the chief executive of the Catholic Health Association, which represents more than 600 hospitals that do not provide abortions as a matter of conscience, wrote on the group's Web site that although the legislation isn't perfect, it represents a "major first step" toward covering all Americans and would make "great improvements" for millions of people.”

But on Monday, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops took issue with the hospital association's belief that defects to the bill will be fixed after passage.

"Assurances that the moral objections to the legislation can be met only after the bill is passed seemed little like asking us, in Midwestern parlance, to buy a pig in a poke," Cardinal Francis George, president of the conference said on the group's Web site. This Bill deliberately excludes the language of the Hyde Amendment which excludes federal funding of abortions. He explains that by supporting this bill the Cost is Too High; The Loss is Too Great.

The Rev. Frank Pavone, national director for Priests of Life, blasted the liberal nuns, saying their statement in support of the bill "does not represent 59,000 nuns; it represents approximately 59 nuns who signed it."

"It is absurd to advocate social justice while risking the expansion of a holocaust," he said. "The right to life is at the heart of social justice. We can't pursue one by sacrificing the other."

In this article, Professor Jost claims that this bill is Pro-Life. The CCBC have spoken out against the Senate Health care Bill on two counts. The Bishops take issue with the Senate’s Bill primarily due to its serious flaws on abortion and conscience rights. Here is the Bishops response to Timothy Jost’s article.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Bishop William Murphy, and Bishop John Wester have spoken up and stated the reasons here as to why this health care bill does indeed extend abortion coverage.

“The three-- who chair the bishops’ committees on pro-life activities, justice and human development, and migration respectively-- note that “the Senate bill extends abortion coverage, allows federal funds to pay for elective abortions and denies adequate conscience protection to individuals and institutions.”

“The House bill provides that no one has to pay for other people's abortions, while the Senate bill does not,” they continue. “While the Senate provides for one plan without abortion coverage in each exchange, those who select another plan in an exchange to better meet the special needs of their family will be required to pay a separate monthly fee into a fund exclusively for abortions. This new federal requirement … is a far more direct imposition on the consciences of those who do not wish to pay for the destruction of unborn human life than anything currently in federal law.”

“Those who would expand federal participation in abortion, require people to pay for other people's abortions, and refuse to incorporate essential conscience protections (both within and beyond the abortion context) are threatening genuine reform,” they add. “With conscience protection as with abortion funding, the [bishops’] goal is to preserve the status quo.”

The Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR) in adherence with its fidelity of the Magisterium have come out against the health care bill and stated: “Protection of life and freedom of conscience are central to morally responsible judgment,” the CMSWR statement concluded. “We join the bishops in seeking ethically sound legislation.”

The Bishops are also complaining about the rights of illegal immigrants.

In my opinion, the rights of illegal immigrants is irrelevant with relation to health care reform because IMO the Catholic Church and its Bishops have no right to demand that the United States gives up its sovereignty rights with regards to its National Security and its States’ rights in demanding that immigrants come here the proper way- legally- and be able to enforce the laws of the land.

The CHA, Sr. Keehan, and those little old nuns that think they know best, don’t. They are for the “greater good” and are leading their sheeple, their flock, astray since they are promoting a warped version of social justice at the expense of unborn lives. ALL Catholic persons and agencies and have a moral duty to stand up and denounce any form of moral relativism that promotes the “greater good” which involves wording that violates the teachings of the Magisterium. If one more innocent unborn human life results in death because these “Catholics” support this bill then the blood of that child will be on their hands. This is about standing up for the most vulnerable in our society that aren’t able to speak for themselves. The poor are able to speak up and while it is worthy to stand up for the poor and do good deeds, it must not be done while allowing the Federal funding for abortion-wording of the bill-to stay in place. As Catholics and Christians, we may not stand by and do nothing, or accept this unacceptable abortion language in the Bill that promotes intrinsic evil, authorizes the holocaust of innocents and allows abortion funding. We must call out these so-called Catholic agencies and Orders that our leading our Catholic or Christian flock astray.



Matt said...

Evangelicals are falling under the social justice "spell" as well. It amazes me that they can't see that their political and ideological allies are only using them. The churches will be cast aside if the "progressives" ever get the utopia they want. They are supporting statism, and once established, there can be no other god than the state.

Net Lease said...

These Liberal Nuns have to realize they are in fact supporting Abortion (and allowing Live Babies to die in a Utility Room as BHO voted FOR 3 times). Then the secondary problem is that America can not afford this disastrous bill. You have an awesome Blog.

Teresa said...

Your right. Democrats are using these people and trying to destroy the churches from within.

Teresa said...

Net Lease,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The nuns are in fact supporting abortion. And, your right, this country can't afford this bill.