Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video Examines Evidence That Obama is a Closet Muslim

This video needs to go viral.  This video examines the evidence that Obama is a closet Muslim.


Liberty said...

Does it matter?

Last time I checked, there was no religious test to serve in any capacity in our government or military. Whether he is a Muslim or no is irrelevant. Let's focus on the more important things- he's a fascist totalitarian, bent on continuing what prior Presidents began.

innominatus said...

My connection at work stinks for watching vids so I'll catch this one at home tonight. Feel free to remind me :)

Liberty - True that there is no legal bar nor legal requirement regarding religion. But if it should happen to be true that he retains Muslim beliefs or sympathies, that would mean the President has grossly misrepresented himself before the American people. THAT would be an issue. It may not be the biggest issue, but he is a menace to our way of life and deserves to be attacked from every angle.

Teresa said...

I agree that he is a fascist totalitarian and that by itself is not the most important issue. But, nonetheless it is a valid issue as innominatus has stated.

He has been the most extreme fascist totalitarian politician in history. But, yes, Bush opened the door for him.

Teresa said...

Try not to work too hard :) Have a good day!!

It is an interesting video. TTYL

Liberty said...

I still don't see how it matters that much. So he might possibly be a Muslim. But even if he is...so? It is irrelevant to his ability to govern.

Anonymous said...

"He has been the most extreme fascist totalitarian politician in history."

Wow - I always thought that would have been Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot, but perhaps I was misinformed.

Teresa said...

We were obviously talking about America. So, I was obviously referring to American history.

Teresa said...

I will ask you a couple questions:

What do we really know about Obama's past?

Has Obama released any or most of his college or "normal" records that previous Presidents released to the public?

I have yet to see any clear evidence as to what his background was and how that may affect his governing this nation. If he is a Muslim sympathizer rather than a Pro-American president than that would affect his governing abilities.

The worst kind of enemy is the enemy within.

nyp said...

so perhaps while he was supposedly serving as President of the Harvard Law Review he was secretly studying jihad at a madrassa in Yemen. Did he commute between Cambridge and Sana in some kind of high-speed jihad jet? Or was there a "ringer" Barack Obama sitting there editing law articled in Gannett House?

Liberty said...

The subject of his records is food for another debate completely, but ah well. I will concede that there is much about our current President we do not know about, though I will also say that it is immaterial in many ways what courses/etc. he took at college. It is not the college, necessarily, that make the man. Granted, he could release things and make things easier for himself, and I don't know why he doesn't, but I do think it shows he has at least some backbone (buta bout what, I can't help but wonder).

But in any case; regardless of his past, it is still immaterial what his religion is. There is no religious test to be President, per Article 6, Section 3 I believe it is, of the Constitution.

Saying that, because he is a Muslim (hence "Muslim sympathizer", whatever that is) he is automatically anti-American is like saying a Catholic is a "Catholic sympathizer", and is hence against the best interests of America.

Teresa said...

Being a Muslim is far different than being a Catholic. Catholics do not promote violence and have never taken part in attacks against the West and against America like on 9/11 or any such things like suicide bombings ( I am talking about in the last 100-300 years). It is obvious from this administrations actions that Obama gives favor to the Palestinians Muslims as opposed to the Israelis. So, his Muslim heritage does play a part in how he treats other cultures or religions.

Liberty said...

Teresa- I understand that. But I'd like to bring something up at this juncture-

Most Muslims don't agree with suicide bombers. At all. Killing civilians is, according to the majority of Muslims, against the Qur'an, because those civilians were innocent. Also according to the Qur'an, each infidel must first be offered the choice to serve Allah, which was not given in this instance, hence it is blatantly against the Qur'an.

The attacks of 9/11 were carried out by a group of radicals, not Islam itself. Yes, those men professed to follow Islam, but lest we forget, Christianity also has her radicals who claim to follow Christianity, so we really don't have room to talk.

I have seen no proof that Obama has chosen the Palestinians over the Jews. Granted, I really haven't been paying attention of late; life has been crazy, but I will say this- the Palestinians have been wronged many times. Israel is not free from guilt, far from it. She, too, has committed blatant acts of violence that were, in some cases, completely unwarranted.
^ That link is a good overview of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Telling Israel- "You're wrong and you need to give Palestine what you agreed to" is not wrong. The split of Israel when that nation-state was first formed was 50-50- half to the current inhabitants, half to the newcomers. Israel conquered large parts of that land, often fighting against people with archaic weapons. (Also, might I add, they are also in violation of international rules that they profess to adhere to by keeping the land they conquered.)