Monday, April 5, 2010

Cardinal George (Catholic Church) Honors Propagator of Anti-White Hate Speech -- Fr. Pfleger WTH????

I guess the Catholic Church is now giving awards to priests who propagate anti-white hate speech all in the name of "social justice". I am ticked- SOOOO TICKED!!! - at this shocking revelation. This is beyond ludicrous. Father Pfleger is receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award for "dismantling racism". This is such a farce. I think Cardinal George and the rest of the Catholic Lefties have had some demonic delusional curse casted upon them for them to give this particular type of award to a race baiting priest. Father Pfleger has been seen in church standing side-by-side Rev. Jeremiah Wright not only listening but in fact celebrating, and spewing both anti-American and anti-white hate speech. The leftist loons within the Catholic Church have distorted the meaning of social justice to mean anything that benefits minorities at any cost- regardless of the cost to anyone else or theft of money of hard working Americans (spread the wealth) if it benefits minorities then its okay because whitey deserves this maniacal twisted version of retribution. Father Pfleger is propagating this perversion of social justice even though none of the African Americans living in America today ( or other minorities) have been slaves or, been subject to increased hardships due to the actions of others any moreso than whites today, nor has there been an increased amount of prejudice against minorities anymore than whites today. These people are trying to wrongly justify propagating white racism from minorities to get even for the past. Is that really exemplifying what Jesus Christ would have wanted? Jesus did not promote hate. He promoted love. He promoted turning the other cheek and not revenge. Does this man have any business being a priest? Should he be given an ultamatum to stop spewing vitriolic racist hatre speech, misleading Catholics, and to stop causing scandal or be defrocked?

Here is Father Pfleger spewing hate:


Anonymous said...

This creep makes me sick.

Teresa said...

Zio Rico,
I concur with you on that. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Opus #6 said...

I don't get it either.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa, I hope you had a lovely Easter!
I was offline all weekend.

These are the creeps that I had to deal with,
I am not surprised by anything they do.
Now you know what I had to contend with....ahhh
Chicago, what a town! I'm glad I'm out of that mess ;=)

Anonymous said...

Being a former Irish Catholic, I can say the Church has gone down hill. It supports "social justice" and other issues that many conseravatives capitalist do not.

I do support their pro-life stance, but I can find that at other churches or faiths. All while, not getting the dose of social justice spew.

Anonymous said...

There are evil, self-serving, shortsighted, absurd individuals in every organization. The Catholic church certainly has its fair share.

Rescue America said...

I hated to see Political Correctness creep into our Military (the Traitor who killled at Fort Hood) and now it is in the Catholic Church. I still can not get over Barry Soetero at Notre Dame. What a shame!
From Stop Marxism!