Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Good Debate on the Arizona Immigration Law

This is a good debate on the Arizona Immigration Law-actually it took place before the bill became law.  The federal law is a law which is supposed to be keeping American citizens safe, but the federal government refuses to enforce the federal law already on the books, so Arizona needed to pass this law for Arizonans' protection and to enforce the rule of law. But there are pro-violators who are against both the federal and Arizona laws, maybe people whom I would call anarchists or people who are pro-anarchy- definition of anarchy is a state of lawlessness and disorder- who are against these laws and for open borders all for the sake of social justice, and are ignoring the widespread ramifications of the increased ensuing violence that illegal immigrants have caused and brought into this country.  There needs to be law and order in our country and the Arizona law helps to do just that, at least for Arizonans. Russell Pearce is right on!!


Eman said...

The cerebral calisthenics Isabel Garcia has to do to even keep up with Russell Pearce’s fact filled findings is hysterical to watch and painful to his opponent. When you sit in opposition to the law, you really should wear a brown bag over your hear or something because Isabel shook her head enough to drill another tunnel across the boarder for these lawless thugs she defends.

We need someone out there to make an Isabel Garcia Piñata for those of us who just can’t take any more liberal loony lip service.

Christopher said...

I was about to stop watching after the gentleman spoke as he proved his case forthwith.

Then, before I could press pause, the bimbo proved his case as well by speaking about Due Process. STOP.

There is Due Process in place for decades now to enter the United States LEAGALLY. I know this to be fact as my Father did so and renounced his cititzenship to Canada.

Liberty said...
^ a pretty good analysis and explanation, IMO.

I find this bill a bit disturbing. Illegal immigration isn't as big a problem as most people say. What is a big problem is the drug trafficking that goes on, but those people aren't really immigrating...they're just coming in to drop off some drugs, then leave. ;) Do I think our immigration system could use an overhaul? Certainly. Do I think letting police pull people over because they are "reasonably suspicious" is a good thing? Definitely not. That's the kind of thing I berate the PATRIOT act for.

Furthermore, I find requiring immigrants to carry documentation just a little...Nazi Germany-ish. The Nazis required Jews to carry papers showing their status, age, etc. etc. We also (as Jon pointed out) required blacks to do the same during the 1860s to prove they were "free". Not right at all.

So I don't agree with this bill, and I'm very disappointed my home state (Texas) is looking into passing the same bill. >.>

Liberty said...

Also, I love how they just laugh at her when she says things (on your video). Not very professional nor very good debating.

Chicago Ray said...

"I find this bill a bit disturbing. Illegal immigration isn't as big a problem as most people say."

With all due respect you must not live in an illegal sanctuary city because Teresa and I do, and I've lived in Chicago all my adult life and it's never been worse.

Anyone with a problem showing papers go to my blog and read the story I posted of what happened to me last week in front of my own house. Teresa read it and thanks T!!

Liberty said...

Thanks for the link Ray. A friend of mine knows quite a bit about this issue (more than me) and here's a couple good links from his blog about the issue of illegal immigration in general. (this one is a bit short, but he makes a good point.)
A link from the Cato Institute:

I'm sorry you were pulled over by a police officer. But maybe you shouldn't have run the sign. :) Even when somebody else is doing something wrong, even if that something is worse, doesn't mean we are given automatic license to do something wrong, even something just a little bit wrong.

I would also like to say that I have some problems with our current system of identification, etc. It is far from a perfect system, and I also think it's leading us to a national ID card or (surprise, surprise) a system like Arizona has instituted. Of course, it's kind of difficult to get angry about something that happened before I was born. I can get quite upset about things that happened yesterday though.

Telling police officers they can stop people/search people just because they have reasonable suspicion is...not smart, to my mind. If said people haven't done anything wrong, they can't be stopped. Period. For instance- I live in the Texas Pandhandle. We have a high Hispanic population. Many of those Hispanics speak English only as a second language or not at all. I have several friends whose parents (one or both) only speak Spanish. One of them goes to a church where the vast majority speak only Spanish. Under this law, those people could conceivably be harrassed merely because they speak Spanish. That goes against every tenet of free speech, free association, free immigration, etc. that America was built on.

Also, I'd like to ask- do you consider Karl Rove a liberal? Since he is against this law, and it sounds as if in your blog post you are saying only liberals would object to this, then it follows that Karl Rove must be a liberal.
Several other prominent Republicans are also not happy with the bill:

Teresa said...

Unfortunately, its not only liberal loons who don't like this law. The video was hysterical to watch. Pearce knew the law backwards, inside and out and knows it will help to enforce the laws already in place by the federal govenment. It is unfortunate how our federal government has been ignorant and remiss in protecting our fellow citizens.

Teresa said...

Very good points.

Teresa said...

"Do I think letting police pull people over because they are "reasonably suspicious" is a good thing? Definitely not"

You, like others who disagree with this law, are focusing on the wrong two words in the law.

These two words--"lawful contact," are the more important to the application of the law since the immigrant must have already violated another law before even being questioned about his immigration status.

Here is a good article on the law:

"Furthermore, I find requiring immigrants to carry documentation just a little...Nazi Germany-ish. The Nazis required Jews to carry papers showing their status, age, etc. etc. We also (as Jon pointed out) required blacks to do the same during the 1860s to prove they were "free". Not right at all."

Every adult citizen in this country is required to carry either a state ID or a State drivers license, do you consider that to be Nazi Germany-ish?

It doesn't surprise me that both Karl Rove and Jeb Bush are against this law especially since during the Bush admin they tried to pass an amnesty bill much like the one that the Obama admin is trying to pass now.

Also, I think Jeb is the reason why George Bush was for amnesty. Jeb is married to a hispanic woman.

Teresa said...

You got that right. It is pretty bad here. Let's just say my apartment complex has illegal immigrants working for them and they maybe work when they feel like it, and they sure don't know how to fix much.

Snarky Basterd said...

There needs to be law and order in our country and the Arizona law helps to do just that, at least for Arizonans.

The bad news is that many on both sides are saying this law will face serious legal challenges; the good news is that other states are starting to beat the drum about passing similar laws.

The cold reality is that we won't be able to do anything as a nation until we get Zero out. So, in the meantime, border states doing the federal guberment's job is better than lawlessness.

WomanHonorThyself said...

this is beyond the pale Teres..Arizona should be just the beginning girl!!!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

She needs to be put, on foot, in the neighborhoods where all of these crimes are being committed.

Ron Russell said...

As I see it all states have the right to arrest law-breakers---not only those who break state laws, but federal as well. To me its a simple thing. Only a politican would complicate such an obvious thing.

John Carey said...
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John Carey said...

I'm so tired of this debate. They're breaking the law...federal law! What's the problem. The federal government has failed to keep up their end of the bargain to protect its citizens and promote the general welfare.

I applaud Arizona for taking the steps to enforce a law that is already on the books.

Citizen68 said...

Big time AZ kudos for backing up a law the fed doesnt have the jewels to enforce. I hope TX, NM, FL, and CA all get there too. Love the bounce the Governor got, it tells the truth about what the people want. The noise shows how much Obama needs the illegal vote in '12, and his painfully obvious ploy to get it.


You really think illegal immigration is not a problem? Umm... I'm just guessing but I bet you do not live in a western state. If you did you would understand how bad has become.

Liberty said...

Teresa- Eman/Eric and I are having an interesting discussion across blogs... you might want to go read it. :)

Trestin- I actually live in Texas. Of course, I'm not exactly "out there" much, IYKWIM, so...yeah...

However, this gentleman has some pretty good posts on the immigration issue:
I suggest you read them, because his views are interesting. :)