Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reverend C.L. Bryant Speaks at Washington D.C. Tax Day Tea Party

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PANDA said...

You are without a doubt of what is wrong with with Ameica. The Tea MOVEMENT a withered arm of the Republican PARTY are just white supremacists., in fact, sounds more like the Klu Klux Klan of the old days. You are so anti Obama, who happens to be 'black' (because it is afterall that Bush fiddled, with his pseudo war in Iraq on lies to get rid of Saddam, an American puppet who longer wanted to play the 'game', oil and Israel--the red herring protect America bin Laden was never connected to Iraq and there NO WMD's while the econmy burned). He flooded thew econmy with billions (cost of war) wich eventually ended in the housing market through Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae with money the financiers had to get rid of (they don't make money sitting on it). How come the sharesholders of GM, Chrysler, AIG, Lehman Brs, etc did not step up and saved their COMPANIES instead of expecting the governemnt to do the job. Obama made two mistakes one he should have let McCain and his blond bimbo win the election and sure would have interesting how they would have handled the economic crises that their 'buddy' left behind!!! Talk about taxes. The problem the US is UNDER TAXED where is the $14T dollars--they are in the econmy somewhere; the dollars did not 'disappear'. There are 600 of the biggest corporations in the US that are not paying even one red cent in taxes: even Bush tried to close the HOLE. If the corporations are so American how they took their GREDDY asses out the US and set up shops in Asia but expected the American people to buy the 'cheaper goods' at American prices. So much for loyalty and good citizens. So don't fall off your pulpit. By the you stated on the Roy Green Show you have tolence for other religions BULL: your hatred for Islam/Arabs is far from acceptance and christian stance.Stck to your knitting there is enough neo con aelf righteous right winger around--they don't need out to luch support.