Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pittsburgh Tax Day Tea Party-- Rose Tennant, Declaration of Independence Explained & Pastor C.L. Bryant

Here are a few videos of me attending the Pittsburgh Tea Party:

There were two buses heading from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C., and Reverend C.L. Bryant actually rode on our bus part of the way to D.C.  It was exciting!! He was so insightful into the politics of Barack Obama and talked about the difference between Obama's Czars and Bush's Czars.  He also shared how he became involved with the Tea Party movement.  He is such a brilliant and inspirational speaker!!


truthsquad said...

Yeah. Glen Meacham is no small government advocate. as prez of Free markets, he received hundreds of thousands of government aid for his business. Yes. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. I guess he's one of those ilk who believes in small government just as long as it doesn't apply to him. but, hey, you tea - sers aren't that discriminating. take any reactionary spewing pin head's word for it. what you folks lack in brains is certainly made up with you mindless ideology.

Teresa said...

Who the heck is Glen Meacham? Please, prove your assertions and prove you are for the truth and not for spreading your garbage Lib agenda all over the net.