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Explaining How Liberalism Clouds Moral Clarity & Its Relation to the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal

I have written on the priest sex abuse issue HERE, HERE and posted more on the issue HERE. Over at Kyle’s blog, Journeys in Alterity, he has written on Telling The Church’s Story. Here is one question that he asked in reply to my comment:
I also don't see how the abuse and cover-up was a result of liberalism clouding moral clarity. That's another process of causation that begs explicit explanation.

As much as I abhor how these priest pedophiles acted in abusing children the public, certain figureheads, especially the MSM, must not make blanket assertions that the Catholic Church on the whole is bad or immoral, and even more immoral than our secular society today, because that is an absurd notion. Is Christopher Hitchens a hypocrite for calling out the Catholic Church and other religious entities for the sex abuse scandals? I would argue, YES. A person can be a hypocrite and right at the same time. Hitchens has never called out public schools or the Boy Scouts or any other secular organization or non-religious person because that would not advance his anti-theology agenda. I am not saying that his speaking out has to be even-handed just some attempt at standing up against these types of abuses on all fronts. As a figurehead in our society when Hitchens speaks out his words are watched closely and that makes him different than the average Joe in his obligation to be at least somewhat consistent with his outrage against certain issues. Plus, the crux of Christopher Hitchens agenda of anger against the Church lies in his anti-religion bias and it doesn’t seem to be evident that his purpose is to fight for the truth, and to protect the young flock within the Church. He is not targeting the liberal Bishops of the United States or psychiatrists with outspoken criticism --who thought that there was a cure and that the pedophile priests could be healed, the people who were primarily responsible for the priest sex abuse scandal cover ups-- but instead he is targeting a Pope who has continuously stood up for Catholicism and its traditions. Pope Benedict continues to speak out and defend the Church against the liberalism that seeks to destroy the Catholic Church’s very core- the enemy (Satan) within. Pope Benedict has done more to combat against the sex abuse cases and stop them from happening than previous Popes. Pope Benedict has spoken out against abortion, homosexual marriage, contraception, euthanasia, and women priests.

Since before Vatican II, liberals within the Catholic Church have tried to undermine the very traditions that hold together and makeup the Church. Conservative or faithful Catholics have never questioned the core traditional values and challenged the Magisterium on issues such as abortion, contraception, euthanasia, women priests, homosexual marriage, but liberals or advocates of dissent and departure from the Magisterium have over the years- since the 1950’s. Since at least as far back as the sexual revolution of the 1960’s liberal Catholics have dissented with the Church’s moral teachings and sought to undermine the Church’s traditional values. Seminaries were beds of liberalism that promoted a secret cult-like homosexual lifestyle while giving off the appearance to Rome or the Vatican that they were compliant with the Magisterium, when in fact they weren’t. Liberals today continue to advocate for heresy within the Church by advocating for scandalous dissent with the Church, and spreading a moral relativistic philosophy that encourages the rampant purposeful actions of leading the flock astray. Think about this- Has there ever been any factual evidence presented to verify that this type of rampant sexual abuse within the Church occurred prior to the 20th Century? I have yet to see one iota of proof that has pointed to this happening prior to the sexual revolution counterculture period in our history or prior to the feminist movement. Liberalism is about denying moral absolutes, which is a retreat from moral clarity.

A recent study has linked homosexuality and pedophilia, as noted HERE by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.  There is more information on that link HERE.

This article states that Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican's permanent observer to the United Nations, read the following statement after a meeting of the United Nations human rights council in Geneva: “Of all priests involved in the abuses, 80 to 90 per cent belong to this sexual orientation minority which is sexually engaged with adolescent boys between the ages of 11 and 17.”

 John Rossomando at The Daily Caller points out that liberal Catholics are exploiting scandal for political gain.

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