Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Ever since growing up, I have been interested in nature, the oceans, and creatures of the ocean.  While growing up I enjoyed crabbing and fishing on the ocean and Earth Day is a reminder that we must all help to preserve nature and animals natural habitats. I grew up near Ocean City, MD and while growing up enjoyed going boating during the spring and summer months.  After watching this video trailer this morning, Kevin and I have decided to go to the movie theater and see this new Walt Disney nature film.

From  "Fish that look like rocks -- or scarves, or a jeweled brooch, or anything but fish -- are among the fascinating underwater creatures that inhabit "Oceans."

Meanwhile, along the shore, sea otters frolic in Monterey Bay and penguins in the Arctic emerge from the frigid water, only to shake themselves off and waddle away. The adorable factor is high.

Still other moments are striking for their enormity: Scads of spider crabs crawl over one another in undulating waves across the ocean floor. Sea birds dive-bomb the surface in symphonic fashion as they hunt for fish, with scores of dolphins leaping and twisting among them. The sweeping score from French composer Bruno Coulais, who also worked on "Winged Migration," heightens these scenes.

It's highly unlikely that you'll ever have the opportunity to witness such spectacles in person. Perrin and Cluzaud scoured all five oceans to bring them to you. And Brosnan, as narrator, reminds us that all this majesty is in danger: Like "Earth" and "Under the Sea 3D," "Oceans" includes a message about the importance of protecting our underwater expanses and the beings that call them home from pollution and climate change."

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Happy Earth Day Teresa :o)