Friday, April 30, 2010



Nickie Goomba explains how John Stewart Fails his Spartacus Test.

A Catholic View shows us a New Pro-Life Comic Book.

A Patriotic Rottweiler Reveals The New and Hot Yard Sign.

Abigail and Dolley give us an eye opener into the Politics of Calvin Coolidge.

America Oh! How WE'll Miss You! asks Is Obama Making America Irrelevant?

Barking Spider shows how Labour's Kerry McCarthy Proves How Thick She Is.

Blowing San #1 posted on the USCCB Waterboarding and Immigration Laws.

Bluepitbull talks about Remittance and the Mexican Economy.

Bread Upon the Waters is horrified that New York is Welcome to Take Body Parts.

Conservative Perspective shows us about Keeping Israel Safe.

DeanO reveals to us how Mexico Treats illegal aliens.

FarRightGirl explains how Ideology Just Might End the US.

Feed Your ADHD asks whether we have No Country for Brave Men?

Fuzzy Slippers wonderful rant on Arizona, Civil Rights & the Worst President.

Global Domination Through Inactivity shows us 'Peaceful Protests' by the Left.

Just a Conservative Girl posts on Lunatic Left Saying Thomas Isn't Black Enough.

KOOK's ask whether there was a String of Eco-Terrorist Acts?

Minded Numbed Robot reveals Hate Speech.

My Thoughts on Freedom asks Do You Support Human Trafficking?

Pathetically Incorrect explains how Arizona's Law is Well With His Soul.

Ponderings of a Collegiate Hippo (my other blog) posted some good

Self Evident Truths shows us Andrew Klavan: The New York Times Answer man.

Talk Wisdom posts on Hoax and Chains & corrupt govt.

Teenage Politics ponders on State Power Vs. Federal.

The Blog tells us about Drawing Mohammed.

The Current tells us how Financial Reform = Checkbook Tax.

The Right Stuff Reveals how Iran is Cracking Down on Suntanned Women.

The Wisdom of Soloman tells us His Favorite Headlines on Arizona.

Trestin Meacham tells about the Judeo-Christian World.

Virtual Mirage says he is Making a Run for the Border.

Woodsterman Tells us about Barack's B.S. BINGO.

Amusing Bunni shows us some Cute Animals Having Fun!


John Carey said...

Thanks for the link Teresa

Chicago Ray said...

Thanks Teresa and have a great weekend y'all. :)

Christopher said...

Thank you Teresa and it is wonderful that the list is long and filled with Patriots!

I know you are the one listing and wish you to know that your blog should be included as well. I know it would be redundant but still apropos for the title.


Thank you Teresa.

Amusing Bunni said...

Teresa! Thanks for linking me on your super roundup!
That takes alot of work, and you have picked wonderful posts. Yours should be always front and center! I'm glad you liked the Animal video's, and I hope they cheer everyone up!

PS: I hope your BIRTHDAY TODAY is the Happiest Ever. They are Running the Kentucky Derby in your honor. Have the best ever and I hope you get everything you desire. Luv, your pal...Bunni

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You honor us all kind lady. This silly black sheep of the group thanks you.