Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mitt Romney Wins the SRLC Straw Poll

Mitt Romney wins the SRLC Straw Poll.

Here are the results in the poll:

Mitt Romney 24% (439)

Ron Paul 24% (438)

Newt Gingrich 18% (321)

Sarah Palin 18% (330)

Mike Huckabee 4% (80)

Tim Pawlenty 3% (54)

Mike Pence 3% (58)

Rick Santorum 2% (41)

Gary Johnson 1% (3)

I must say I have mixed feelings about Romney. I like his policies on economics or the economy, but I am not supportive of what is probably his number one accomplishment- Romneycare in Massachusetts- because it is so much like Obamacare. I am glad that he has changed his position to pro-life from pro-choice. But, I am skeptical whether that was a real conversion or not. Or is it just political opportunism? I hope his conversion is a reality and I want to believe it, but, I am just skeptical because of intuitions of mine. I like his position on gay marriage. He believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. I agree with Mitt Romney's beliefs on having a strong national defense in the United States. Well, we've got some time before we have to figure out who our next presidential candidate will be in the 2012 elections.

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John Carey said...

Teresa, I am not a fan of Romney and I think if this is the choice we are given in 2012 we just might lose the bid for the Whitehouse. I do like Paul Ryan, because I find him to be up front and honest. I need to learn more about him. I am also a Sarah Palin supporter. I just don't think 2012 is her time. Maybe we need so new conservative blood instead of the same ole same ole. Not excited about really any of them except Rick Santorum. He is a true conservative and a good man.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I hate to see that. Who the hell did they ask ? People that listen to the MSM are the ones polled here I would imagine.

Teresa said...

I like both Sarah palin and Paul Ryan, also. I think Palin has more support at this point than Rick Santorum. I do like Santorum, but I am not sure that he would be a good national candidate or not. He is a true conservative. I like Mike Pence, Michelle Bachmann, and John Thune.

Teresa said...

Only certain people were chosen to take the poll. I honestly don't think that this poll reflects reality.

Chris W said...

I think the 2nd choice question was a butter gauge of where people are really at. There were a lot of Romney and Paul people there that bumped up the 1st choice #'s. I think we say voters true feelings in the 2nd choice.

Liberty said...

Go Ron Paul!!

I am of the opinion that Romney is nothing but a hack for the bankers, just like every other politician (even, to some extent, perhaps Ron Paul himself). I don't want Romney in '12, nor Palin. So, I'm rooting for Dr. Paul to get the GOP nomination...if he doesn't...well, go Wayne Allen Root and LP '12!! :P

Teresa said...

I like Ron Paul on most of the issues but his age is a concern. In my looking at Wayne Allen Root's website and seeing his positions on the various issues, I agree with him on about 95% of the issues so I would support him if he was the presidential nominee.

Snarky Basterd said...

It's just a straw poll ... there is no way Romney can shake having instituted Romneycare, on which Obamacare is based, and win the nomination. He's no front runner; he's a placeholder.

Liberty said...

Teresa- the age issue didn't seem to stop a lot of McCain voters... ;)

Wayne Allen Root is actually an LP candidate, so it can be very difficult to get any votes for him. I personally think he'll end up being the LP candidate though. :)

Teresa said...

Its McCain who was 72 in 2008 Vs. Ron Paul who would be 78 in 2012 ;)

Honestly regardless of 72 vs. 78, I do believe that age played a part in Obama winning the election. If some people aren't going to risk going with a 72 year-old, what are the chances that those people and additional people are going to support a 78 year-old?

Teresa said...

I totally agree :)


I wish Michelle Bachmman would run. I think her and Ron Paul would be a great ticket. I'm not a fan of Romney, I disliked him since the Olympics. I hate the Olympics.

The_Kid said...

Mitt Romney is a waste of time.
I'm glad to see huickleberry only got 4%. Most of these folks are liberal light at best.

Sarah Palin is not electable. She is actually perfect in the position she is now in. As is Newt.

We need new blood, just like no one knew jack about obama. Maybe Bobby Jindal from Lousiana.

Going to need someone 'with some'.
And outside of Ron Paul, no one does. Not that I think RP would be a good choice as I believe he is also not electable.

But I'm focused on November where I hope to hell the majority of the House and Senate switch sides.