Thursday, April 22, 2010



A Guy From Brooklyn agrees that Obama is not a Socialist.

A Western Heart points out Shameless Politics.

Always On Watch gives us a Quote by George Will on the V.A.T.

America! Oh How We'll Miss You  shows us Liberty and Freedom Vs.

Anonymous Political Scientist asks Should we Pull the Trigger on Iran Or Not?

Another Black Conservative Reveals Thou Shall Not Mock MSNBC Moonbat.

A Patriotic Rottweiler calls on us to Unite Behind a Single Candidate.

BBCW uncovers Redacted Comments on Blago's Obama Subpeona.

Big Blue Wave has some thoughts on the Muhammed South Park Controversy.

Blowing San #1 posts on the Gutsy Granny and her quick draw.

Blue Collar Philosophy points out how Netanyahu is Standing Firm On Jerusalem.

BluePitBull points out how we out-technoloicalizertihngamabob the Iranians.

Conservative Perspective shows us how a teacher Says 'Give Up The Bucks'.

Conservative Scalawag points out that the VAT Tax is A'Comin.

Dean O Posted on the reasons Why the Left Doesn't Get It.

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