Monday, May 3, 2010

Censorship in the Name of Anti-Fascism: Vox Nova the Liberal Blog in Denial

Henry Karlson over at the liberal Vox Nova blog did a post called, Its Not Socialism We Need To Worry About, and I countered his “facts” with real facts as shown here:

First, your whole theory is baseless and it would be nice if you actually understood history.

Do you even realize what NAZI stands for? Well its got Socialist in it.

And that was socialist fascism which led to Hitler.

Who countrols our public schools? liberals

Who is teaching the global warming hysteria mantra? liberals

Who controls our society with restricting just when and how it okay to speak religiously in our society? Liberals and/or secularists?

Who has led generations to be dependent on the government just so they have a voting classs? Liberals or Democrats.

Who has schools doing tributes/songs without questions for our Dear Leader just like in the times of Hitler?
The public schools-liberal ideology.

Who mesmerized his voters with the chant “hope” and “change” much like Hitler did before the concentration camps? Barack Obama and the liberal Democrats.

Who owns the minds of 85% of the TV airwaves via CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC? The LEFT-liberals-Democrats.

Should we call fascism adult citizens being forced carry drivers licenses or State ID’s?

The Arizona law is merely enforcing the law on a state level that isn’t currently being enforced by our federal authorities. There is not racial profiling in this law. The law was even changed to make sure that there is not racial profiling. The illegal immigrant must be stopped or detained for committing another unlawful act before being questioned as to whether the person has entered without the proper documentation.

You just don’t like the fact that this one law will actually be enforced.

Actually Obama believes in cronyism and his ideology is a combination of crony capitalism, socialism and communism. But, basically he loves power, thrives on it, hates criticism of any sort and loves BIG government and its having as much power and control over the citizens as possible. But, liberals love big government because they love big government having control over peoples’ thoughts and actions much like Hitler did. Big government is what led to Hitler, Mao, and Stalin.

Then, Henry Karlson responds with this:


I only let in your comment this one time so people can see the kind of blind ideology which is going on at this moment. You prove my point. Thanks!

Liberals cannot handle the truth and this proves it. Heck, liberals can’t even handle any point of view that differs from theirs. Oh My! ( sarcasm) chastise me for not believing in the liberal ideology just like a robot that has been programmed at school- public schools, even some private schools, and a vast majority of our universities. He calls following the law fascism. This is absurd.

So, then my husband left a comment as to the irony of their post on what they consider to be fascism and their fascism with regards to moderating comments, but they REFUSED TO POST HIS COMMENT! Unfortunately, since there was less than ten minutes between the attempted posting and Karlson’s refusal to post the comment we weren’t able to get a screenshot of what Kevin had written.

So, then we tried leaving another comment and Henry Karlson refused to post yet another comment. But, this time we did get a screenshot of the attempted posting.

Here it is:

If you really want a good laugh, you must see how this person tries to explain why Vox Nova isn’t a liberal blog. You only have to watch ‘til the 2 minute mark to see what I mean. This video had me LMAO! Enjoy!

The Vox Nova blog is shown to be one-sided liberal fascist blog with at least one moderator who is disinclined to allow posts which refute his so-called facts.

I would love an honest debate on this matter, but unforunately that is unable to happen because of Henry Karlson over at Vox Nova.


Kevin T. Rice said...

That video is an absolute scream! This poor guy is scrambling pathetically for a coherent thought, grasping the air with one hand hoping to catch one, while his other hand flounders with a pipe as a prop - he isn't even smoking the thing! Oh no, they're not a liberal blog - just because they make liberal statements and post liberal articles and advocate liberal issues and do all sorts of other liberal what not, oh that's just "guilt by association!" I can just see Ed Norton's character in American History X arguing this way: "Just because I hang out with neo-nazis, am known to rail against Jews, and sport a huge swastika tatoo on my chest, that doesn't justify you calling me a Nazi, that's Guilt By Association!"

Fuzzy Slippers said...

That post is seriously disturbing but very telling. The references to BO as "sovereign" and the call for totalitarian control "to keep us safe and secure" are all we really need to know about that writer's worldview. Yes, he's advocating a dictatorship much in the style of fascism but with a healthy dose of nutjob--my entry for scariest quote in the post: "The rule of law must not be questioned — the rule of law is the will of the sovereign."

The "sovereign" (i.e. BO, I guess the judicial and legislative branches don't count, and why would they for a nutjob?) makes up laws, they're his "will"? Un-freaking-believable. What a loon.

Teresa said...

"That video is an absolute scream!"

You got that right!

It would be nice if people actually lived in reality instead of fantasy.

Teresa said...

I agree! That post is highly disturbing. That was definitely a scary piece of work. The way I was treated was abominable, and I couldn't just let this go and not call him out on such lunacy.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

One cannot hold a coherent and logical debate with someone who lacks the intellectual tools.

Snarky Basterd said...

Meh. I love ya, Teresa, but you're wasting your time with these freaks. You would have been better off calling this guy Lennie and asking if he planned to live off the fat of the land.

Chris W said...

Didn't you know that progressive don't want to hear the truth?

Ron Russell said...

I like Snarky, I never, never waste my time with these idiots on the left. I see nothing to be gained and then again I'm getting too old for these back and forth things. They sap me and gain nothing. Glad however, that you are up to it as they do need to be challenged occasionally.

Maggie Thornton said...

The pipe, the tie, the books and the "ad hominem" didn't help the poor guy. He's a loser. I don't much blame him. I wouldn't want to be known a Liberal either.

I agree with Snarky and Ron, you are far too talented and far too sane to bother with Vox Whatever.


People like that are a lost cause, but you are right to counter him. At least that way some of his readers may become enlightened.