Sunday, May 16, 2010

I agree with Newt Gingrich

Gingrich said that he stands by his arguments that the "secular-socialist machine" represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, not in the sense of the immorality of those deadly regimes, but as a "threat to our way of life."

I agree with Newt's statement.  We see Obama's czars wielding more power and taking more and more of our liberties and freedoms away everyday (or trying to), there is an anti-religious bias in the media with which they attack traditional religion while accepting those who dissent from various teachings of churches, there has been government expansion at an alarming rate, secularism challenging traditional values, judges trying to erase the religious roots of our country with rulings like proclaiming the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional, and then we have a pay czar who wants to limit our success by limiting the amount of money a productive hard-working person is able to get paid.  Hmmm... What would happen to America if all of the hard-working people who pay taxes and don't receive any money from social programs like welfare and medicaid decided to take a stand, say that we aren't going to take this thievery and our governemnt wasting our money anymore, revolted, and quit their jobs?  Just where would the government go to get the "needed" money?  who in this country would our government turn to to help us?  Some people on the Left think that money just grows on trees and that Obama's just handing out his stash of money but they have no idea how the financial system in this country works- where the government gets its money from-well, its from hard-working taxpayers and not from sleezy democrats planning to spread the weealth with other peoples money.  The threat of this Socialist regime in the White House now is trying to destroy our Republic and our way of life as we know it.   Socialism-- communism-Marxism has harmed lives around the world.  I would like someone to show me how any of these economic systems have helped the individual without taking away certain freedoms and liberties.


Christopher said...

Well I tend to agree Teresa but the problem here lies with Gingrich himself.

He talks a good game but does not practice whats he preaches. He is simply an elitist republican, not a conservative. Furthermore, who is Gingrich to speak of values when looking at his track record?

I know the next line; 'Thats a personal issue'. Sorry, when you throw a boomerang it does come back.

As to his 'good game' one only needs to go back to NY-23 siding with Scozzafava to see his real agenda.

Gingrich is to be disregarded in 2012 as well should he choose to run.

Teresa said...

I agree with your assessment. Gingrich is a good orator and he is a good behind the scenes person who promotes certain conservative or at least constitutional principles in most cases but he should not run in 2012 because he's got too much baggage and wrong decision making in his past.

Matt said...

I'm with Christopher as well. I will get nauseated if Gingrich runs. He represents part of the old party establishment that needs to go. Just remember who he supported in NY 23.

LSP said...

"Secular-socialist regime" - I'll second that.

God bless.

Opus #6 said...

"Better 1000 enemies outside the gates than 1 enemy within."

I DM'd you on Twitter, btw.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We're all here to support the lefts favorite charities.

The_Kid said...

Yes. Socialism sucks. When was the last time France invented the iPhone?

And they won't. Because innovation is punished through taxes you don't get innovation.

Because failure is rewarded by distribution of taxes to failure, you get more failure.

It is very simple when you realize this is what it all boils down to.