Monday, May 17, 2010



Woody Allen declares our republic inconvenient at Nickie Goomba's blog.  

A Patriotic Rottweiler tells us about how social justice is not equal at all.

A Western Place reveals the forcing of sex on children.

Acts of Apostasy states the progressives top ten list for destroying the Church.

Barking Spider reveals how the Post Brown cleanup begins.

Jihadis say they take it all back at Bread Upon the Waters.

Commentarama reveals to us how Pelosi rewrites the Catechism.

Chicago Ray shows us how a school describes sodomy and murder using comic books.

Conservative Perspective states that terrorists are crossing our border.

Conservative Scalawag is fed up with this administration ignoring our constitution.

DeanO points out Obama's poisoning of the well.

Fuzzy Slippers is determined not to yield another inch.

Generation Dysfunction shows us Palin's NRA speech.

Innominatus says Barry needs an intervention.

Jim McMahon tells us who Che Guevara really is.

Jo-Joe Politico asks if Kagan is qualified.

Landshark5150 addresses the issue of Jefferson and interpretation of the constitution.

Maggie's Notebook explains how liberals are taking away our freedom of choice.

MAINFO says that Obama is silent on the Iran/ al-qaeda alliance.

Mind Numbed Robot posted on the Mosque opening on 9-11-2011.

My Thoughts on Freedom says secure the border.

Glenn Beck shows us about global governance on New Zeal.

Pathetically Incorrect shows a great reason why GOP should block Kagan nomination.

Self-Evident Truths shows us a course called financial crisis 101

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand reveals Laura Bush's thoughts on gay marriage.

Talk Wisdom Reveals to us the Obama trial you Haven't heard about.

The Malcontent rants on the Tea Party movement.

The Blog reveals the calorie killer plot.

The Conservative Lady asks what you think about the proposed medal for restraint?

The oil spill reveals Chris Matthews socialist side at The Current.

The Naked Ontologist posts a response to the inerrancy debate.

The Oracular Opinion requests support for students at live oak high school.

The mama grizzly is on the war path at The Right Guy.

TOTUS reveals the threat of becoming MexiAmerica.

Amusing Bunni tells about the climategate conference.

Conservative Hideout exposes the damage caused by Obamacare.


tha malcontent said...

Thanks for the list.
That was a nice service.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa!
What a great round-up!
I'm very happy you included takes alot of work to compile these great lists!

I hope your day is grand, and good luck with your
job hunt. Any employer would be blessed to have such a smart, talented and conscientious worker!

Christopher said...

Hello Teresa,
Thanks for the link. The list you provide shows the diversity of thought on many subjects afflicting our country.

With conservative voices growing in number each day I find that the socialist 'commentors' are finding their 'views' less and less relevent (as though they were) everyday as well.

This is also being felt by the MSM as I have noticed an up-tick in their dissmisal and hatred of the blogsphere which of course is directed by the White House.

All of us and more are in fact making a difference no matter what subject we cover as we share education and ideas.

Mr. Hussein, get outta the way, information is key to a free Republic!

cube said...

What a round up. I thought I heard my name in there somewhere ;-)

Thanks for the mention.

Teresa said...

My pleasure to give the list of links. I may change my approach a little, though. I may start posting around 10-15 links every couple of days instead of around 30 about once a week.

Have a great day :) and God Bless!

Longhaired Conservative said...

Lots of work, those roundups. Well done. Thanks for the linkage! Sorry I missed you on last Sunday. The omission has been remedied. :)
God bless.