Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gianna Jessen: Abortion Survivor Extraordinaire


Opus #6 said...

Powerful interview. Really felt emotional when she said at the end that she loves life. All our children do. And they deserve their shot at life. She is so right. It is not just about the woman anymore, once she is pregnant. People give pregnant women the evil eye if they drink a glass of wine, for crying out loud. But not a peep for waddling into an abortion clinic. Shameful!


Great point Opie! Why is it so wrong to smoke if you are pregnant, but okay to have the child purposefully killed?

Good find Teresa!

Eman said...

This just came to me, from the Holy Spirit. I will put it to music soon but it is so fresh in my mind I decided to place it here first:

How precious life. How fickle me
To call this act a choice for thee
We cannot know the life we take
When the option made is to forsake
The scar we choose to bare is deep
When defenseless children’s life is cheap
The mistake we make cannot be changed
And unto God we’ll be arraigned
He will hold us to account
The life we chose to just snuff out
Who are we to make this choice
For children who will have no voice

Eman said...

I watched this vidio and these words just came to me. May they make someone see what they are doing and change their mind and maybe change their country, for who knows what that child will do with his or her life.