Sunday, May 9, 2010

Elena Kagan: President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee

According to Reuters, President Obama has chosen Elena Kagan as his Supreme Court nominee. I honestly don't know much about Elena Kagan's political views.  Reuters pointed out two weaknesses that she can expect questions on: over gays in military and the fact that she's never been a judge. That sounds like she is for gays serving openly in the military.  The fact that she hasn't been a judge before may mean that her qualifications are a bit iffy for serving on the Supreme Court.  But, she may still be qualified.

Her nomination is unlikely to cause a damaging fight in the Senate ahead of congressional mid-term elections in November or distract the Obama administration from other issues like jobs, financial regulation and climate change leglislation.

But Kagan could still have to deal with vigorous questioning by Republicans during her Senate confirmation on hot-button issues like her opposition to on-campus military recruiting at Harvard because of U.S. policy barring gays from serving openly in the military.

I will be looking further into her background and positions on the various issues and will inform you when I found out something more on Elena Kagan.

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She has not actually served as a Judge prior to this. Which raises my eyebrow.

They are saying she is a moderate liberal, but they say that about Obama..

Opus #6 said...

She has never been a judge? That is odd to me. Really odd to want to put her on the Supreme court. But Obama doesn't value work experience. Look at his cabinet.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Everything Obama does scares me. Teresa, I'm testing here a link back to me. You requested (I never forget what a beautiful woman asks) this information. People kept link in my comment section, so I did some research and here it is. I'll email you the facts ...

Link: Woodsterman

cube said...

Kagan is not a moderate liberal. Her senior thesis waxes poetically about the struggle of socialists in the early 1900's.

BO picked her because she doesn't have a long list of opinions that would endanger her confirmation.

One of the few exceptions is her idiotic stand on military recruiting on campus. If this is what passes for a highly regarded legal mind, we are in deep doodoo.

Bumps Stump said...

Teresa . . Like most Harvard educated lawyers she is obviously a very bright and accomplished woman. So bright that she actually she taught at Harvard just like Mr. Obama. Grrr.

Have you noticed how the ultra-extreme-liberal-kook bias seems to infect people that teach at Harvard?

In my book Harvard is graduating a lot of brilliant socialists. I suspect many were taught by Elena Whats-her-name.