Saturday, May 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Exposes Weiner

I first saw information on this new site called over at Another Black Conservative.  He has a great video on his blog explaining about the new site and why it came into existence.  Basically, Rep. Anthony Weiner has made false accusations about Goldline which sells gold, and which Glenn Beck promotes and buys himself.

Even the message board that Anthony Weiner used as a source disagrees with him. Maybe,  Anthony Weiner needs to stuff a weenie in his mouth before he speaks and falsely accuses a person and a company of being frauds or scamming the American people?  But, checking facts isn't something that Democrats are known for doing, so this doesn't surprise me too much.  And, Weiner shouldn't play around with the type of weenie that Clinton liked to play around with because that might get Anthony Weiner in even more trouble than just spouting off his lying mouth.

Here at WeinerFacts, we’ve already shown that Weiner has tried to prove his case against Glenn by sourcing a message board.

We pointed out that the Better Business Bureau and the New York Times might be better resources for Weiner:

“The Better Business Bureau, which has given Goldline an A+ rating, said Tuesday that it was standing by that. A representative of the bureau said it had recently re-reviewed Goldline in response to Mr. Weiner’s accusations and saw no reason for a change. “It’s a company with not that many complaints,” said Gary Almond, from the bureau. When compared with other companies that sell gold, “there was a remarkable difference in how each one addressed complaints,” noting that some of those other companies had F ratings.” –New York Times

But, upon further Weiner-investigation, even the message board Weiner cited as proof of his claims–completely disagrees with him.

What was the result of the investigation by the founder of ‘Rip-off Reports’ into the claims touted by Weiner?

“Consumers can feel confident and secure when doing business with Goldline International.”

Remember, out of all the horrors that Weiner claims to have found–this was his actual “proof.” A message board who found that “consumers can feel confident and secure” with Goldline.


H/T Another Black Conservative
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John Carey said...

You know what I find interesting as I watch it unfold? Is now that Americans are finally starting to wake up (with the exception of PA-12), Democrats are starting to lose their free ride. Democrats are slowly losing allies that they once could rely on to back them up. They are now slowly turning against them. This includes the press...well a small sliver of the get the point.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I never liked Weiner the Whiner. He is poor excuse for a human being. All during the Clinton impeachment, all he ever did was whine like a pathetic moron about how Clinton was being unfairly maligned.