Thursday, May 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Exposes Cap & Trade/America Power Act Which Equals Removal of Wealth

Are President Obama, Joe Liebermann, and John Kerry going to transform the United States into Greece?  Are Libs going to cause the downfall of America?

Kerry's Faithful Churches & Global
Warming Alarmists= Enviro-Nazis

Democracy in Action=Social Justice and Ecological Justice

Any liberal that wants to distribute their wealth by all means please go ahead and do sobut leave us patriotic conservatives the hell alone!!

The New York Times is a crock of sh*t!! The New York Times needs to be renamed The Liberal Activist Anti-Truth Times.

WASHINGTON D.C. POLITICIANS ARE THE PROBLEM.  CITIZENS WHO BELIEVE IN BIG GOVERNMENT ARE THE PROBLEM.  Could we please just put all these people on a rocket and launch them into outer space so we don't have to deal with these dumbocrats anymore?

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Eman said...

I have been watching these presentations and agree with most of Glenn’s theory. What I believe, and he isn’t saying, is there is nothing this President has done or could do in two years that cannot be undone by a new representative Congress in November. We must undo what has been done and stop Obama’s efforts to strip the country of its wealth, liberty and status as the Flagship of Freedom.