Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rep. Peter King: “Countries and Terror Groups That Were Terrified of Bush Now Think Obama Might Apologize to Them”

I agree with Rep. Peter King. How many terrorist attacks have we had on American soil since President Obambi took Office? 4.   The four attacks are: the Arkansas shooting at the military recruiting office, the "Underwear Bomber's" attempt to blow up a plane,  the Ft. Hood shooting at an army base, and the most recent Times Square attempted bombing.  What if all four of those attacks were 9/11 like and caused an unsurmountable number of deaths?  Thankfully, they were not.  But, my point is the number of times that Muslim extremists have slipped through the cracks and either caused harm or tried to cause harm to innocent Americans. At least four terrorist attacks were carried out by Islamist extremists and Obama and his administration have an obligation to keep citizens safe and make sure that this type of incident doesn't happen on U.S. soil again.  I guess Obama's policy of reaching out his hand to our enemies isn't working. It looks like these Muslim extremists would just like to cut off Obama's hand and destroy the West. His policies of appeasement and compromise are failing and the Islamic extremist community is taking advantage of this weak president.  I want a President that has a backbone and stands up against Islamic extremists.

“You had countries and you had [terrorist] organizations who are absolutely terrified of what George Bush might do to them …. Now I think many of them feel that the President may apologize to them or he may reach out the hand of friendship.”

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Anonymous said...

Half the harm that is done in this world Is due to people who want to feel important. - T. S. Eliot

Opus #6 said...

Where are the moderate Muslim Tea Parties protesting jihadi attacks against westerners?

Amusing Bunni said...

THey should cut off obummer's head.
We are sitting ducks with this chicken running things.