Saturday, May 8, 2010

Muslim Intolerance: Muslim Woman Abducted by Parents Because She Married a Christian Man

Intolerance runs amok in the Islam community.  This is yet another example of Muslim intolerance and parents not respecting their adult daughter's wishes.  The parents go nuts due to, God forbid, a Muslim woman chooses to marry a Christian man. This crap needs to stop.  No more kidnappings, attempted kidappings, murders or attempted murders by Muslim parents just because their Muslim daughter wishes to convert to Christianity or chooses to marry a Christian.  If Muslims are going to live in the West, specifically in the United States, then they are going to have accept living within a country that believes in freedom of religion.  That may include the parents having to live with their daughters choosing a different religion. 

Islamic law forbids the marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslim men. Needless to say, that should not ever be enforceable in the greater Youngstown area. "Woman alleges capture, threats," by Denise Dick for Vindy, May 8:

A Campbell woman of Yemeni descent says she was abducted by her parents and taken to Hermitage, Pa., where they threatened to send her back to her homeland.

The victim, 32, told police she was leaving a doctor's appointment at an office on U.S. Route 224 when her father came up behind her, grabbed her in a bear hug and put her in the back seat of her car.

The father then got into the driver's seat, and her mother in the back seat with her. They drove to the Sheetz gas station in Hermitage.

No charges have been filed.

"I'm still gathering information and still trying to talk to witnesses," said Boardman Detective Glenn Patton.

The woman told police that her parents, who are Muslim, don't approve of her marriage to a Christian man.

Reached Friday, the woman, who was born in the United States, said she's OK and she wasn't injured.

Unidentified men brought the rental van the woman's parents had been driving to Sheetz, she told police. The men then took the woman's car. Police entered the car as a stolen vehicle.

She and her parents argued, and the parents told her that her brother was going to meet them, take her to New Jersey and that she would be sent to Yemen.

The woman sent her husband a text message, telling him she needed help.

Her husband went to Campbell schools, where his wife's daughter is a student, to remove her from school. Campbell Police Detective Sgt. John Rusnak said the husband was concerned that the girl was in danger and wanted to remove her from school.

While at the school, the husband encountered Sean Kilbane, the school-resource officer, Rusnak said, and relayed the story. Kilbane spent 11 months in Afghanistan while in the military and advised the husband to involve police.

Police called the woman's father's cell phone, but he told them he was at work. When police called his work place, they were told he wasn't at work that day, Rusnak said.

Patrolman John Gulu, who coaches the daughter's softball team, was able to reach the woman on her cell phone.

"The first thing he asked was, 'Are you OK? Are you safe?'" Rusnak said. "She said, 'No.'"

To keep from raising her parents' suspicions, Gulu asked yes-and-no questions, interspersed with questions about softball in case the woman's parents listened, the detective said. [...]

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Liberty said...

I had a Christian friend who married a Muslim man. Her family stopped talking to her and our (former) church lambasted her. ^.^ It didn't get to kidnapping (luckily) but the 'intolerance' goes both ways. ;)

Also remember, Jewish law forbids a marriage outside their religious tradition, too.

Teresa said...

I do understand that intolerance goes both ways. But, I have seen quite a few examples of Muslims going to greater depths or lengths of intolerance, to the point that it contitutes a crime, whereas I haven't seen that occur nearly as much (if at all?) with other religions. ;)

I was not famaliar with the Jewish Law forbidding intermarriages so I looked it up. It looks like in Orthodox Judaism that is true, but Conservative, Reform, and Reconstructionist forms of Judaism allow for intermarriages.