Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dick Cheney, National Security Wizard, Wins The War of Words With Biden


Biden is full of hot air. Joe Biden's mouth has been spewing the rhetoric of opportunism, truth bending, and flat out lies. This administration loves to use revisionist history in taking credit in both economic and foreign affairs. As you will see below, the video shows both Joe Biden and Barack Obama stating that they were adamantly against the surge. The other video shows Dick Cheney defendiing Bush policies on ABC's This Week. I am so sick of this me, me, me mentality where Biden, Obama, and the rest of their administration takes credit for policies that they clearly had nothing to do with, and in fact repudiated. Obama and Biden should both be praising and ashowing that they're proud of our brave soldiers overseas but instead they are looking to fulfill their self indulgences, personal gratification campaign, and furthering their political agendas. How utterly despicable! Biden should be displaying gratitude for the sacrifice that our troops made during the successful surge in Iraq. Yes, that is what turned around the war in Iraq. But, no, they can't give Bush one iota of credit of success for anything. MSM political pundits and the White House officials have misapplied Iraq success to the Obama administration when both the soldiers and Bush deserve the crdit for the successful surge in Iraq.
The Obama administration continues to play the Bush blame game. The Obama administration has issues with it needing a false sense of self gratifiation. They also continue to display a childish naivety in refusing to accept responsibility for both actions and inactions with relation to problems that have been both created and exacerbated by this administration. Cheney did an excellent job at pointing out the differences in the cases of the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber. The shoe bomber incident took place only a couple months after 9/11, when military tribunals were not already in place and Eric Holder's law firm continually represented the terrorists and challenged the legitimacy of military tribunals all the way up to the Supreme Court. But, nine years later the military tribunals are in place so it is only proper to try our enemy in front of a military commission. Dick Cheney explains how this administration has chosen in a nonsensical manner to limit the tools that they can use to keep us safe from another terrorist attack. Cheney tells us what he believes is necessary to keep this country safe instead of this adminstration's weak policies of accommodating and appeasing our enemies. In my opinion, Dick Cheney wins the war of words, and the national security debate hands down.


Opus #6 said...

If I were a politician, I would want Dick Cheney advising me.

Biden needs treatment for his dementia.

Teresa said...

Good one, OPie!

Biden does have dimentia.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Obama and Biden are pukes and my hero has always been our Secretary of Defense from the first Iraq war Dick Cheney !

Ron Russell said...

Biden as a very short memory--it was not that long ago that the favored dividing Iraq into three parts and then he and Barack favored withdrawl from as they put it "a war we could not win". Both Biden and Barack are whimps on the international stage, Cheney on the other hand is a MAN!

Matt said...

Cheney is certainly and intelligent man, who knows what he is talking about. he also is based in reality, and definitely doesn't mince words.

Contrast that with Biden and Obama. They dither, they equivocate, and they blame.

Amusing Bunni said...

I love Dick Cheney too, he is so smart and calm and statesmanlike. The complete opposite of the boobs and toddlers that are running things now.

I'm with Odie & Opie, those two are pukes and demented.

Snarky Basterd said...

It's well known that Biden has twice had surgery for brain aneurysms. As someone who edits consumer medical information and works with doctors on a daily basis, I can assure you that Biden has mental defects ... and Obama knew this. Why else would he name Rainman as his Veep instead Hillary? Just you wait. I'll bet Obama doesn't even win the 2012 nomination.

Christopher said...

Two things that are very sad;

(1) Dick Cheney will not run for President.

(2) Joe Biden