Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Underdogs Win! Yea!! -- The Saints Win Super Bowl XLIV!!!


YEA!!!!! The Underdogs WON!!!!

The New Orleans Saints Won the Super Bowl!!!!

I was rooting for the Saints since the team had never made it to the Super Bowl before.  I am so happy that they came from behind to win.  You could tell that all of there team members hearts were totally in the game to win.  It seemed like the Saints had the momentum behind them during the game.  I really enjoyed watching  The Who during the half-time show.  I loved hearing their music.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Super Bowl tonight.  What a great game!!


Matt said...

I gotta admit, I wasn't pulling for them, but I am happy for the franchise. Their suffering is over. I remember the 'aints well, including the fans that wore paper bags over their heads to games.

Soloman said...

Great game.. makes me wish the Cardinals had ended up with the same kind of good fortune last year, but that wasn't to be.

Very exciting finish though... that interception made me jump out of my seat!

Opus #6 said...

Half my family of four was rooting for one team, the other half for the other. My boys had fun learning about first downs, passes, running, point afters, and touchdowns. They also learned about loyalty and not switching teams in the middle of the game.

Teresa said...

Its funny, Before the game, I had mixed feelings. I really didn't care who won since the Steelers weren't in the SuperBowl. But, then in my heart I felt like I wanted the Saints to win because the franchise had never made it to the SuperBowl. So, I ended up rooting for the Saints.

Teresa said...

That interception had me jumping out of my seat, and jumping up and down.

Its weird, up until 3 years ago I was never into football, and now I like and enjoy watching it. That is probably because my schools I attended while growing up didn't have football teams.

Teresa said...

What an educational experience football can be. That is neat that half your family was rooting for one team, and the other half for the other team. Loyalty is important to learn and possess in good and tough times. You are a great mom and teacher to your kids.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The who was fun, but like all of the "old" bands at the Super Bowl, they sounded just like "old men".

I liked both teams, so I was torn the whole time. Hey, I can really say now that my favorite won.

Amusing Bunni said...

Yeah, it was a fun game. I knew they would win when obummer said the colts were the favorites....we know how he is the kiss of death for everything! The curse of jonah strikes again...he ehee. I"m happy for LA, they need some good news.